Caibao Watch Time’s Best Collection

You are addicted to color, love gems, like to dress well, understand the main points of the flock, love to collect watches, appreciate exquisite craftsmanship, and be fascinated by rare materials. Love is different. You always know yourself What you want, you are passionate about ‘limited’, understand collection, manage finances, pamper yourself, you have great wealth at your disposal, and you like good things that can be passed on to the world …
If you have more than half of the above characteristics, then you will definitely be conquered by Caibao watches. Although you have a unique taste, buying a Caibao watch is more than just playing with colors. You know that.
大 3 principles to see through a watch
There are so many things, the eyes of women will be larger than usual when they see them. Rare colored gemstones are one of them, no matter where they are set, the function remains the same. However, not all women who love gems know how to choose a treasure watch. When you face a Caibao watch, what else should we know besides instinctual preferences?
Cartier High Jewellery Watch in 18k White Gold with Sapphire, Emerald and Tourmaline
The first principle
The famous lineage of the watch
Love watch and love
The jewellery experts in the watch brand are not all the best watch brands in the world who will produce high-end colored treasure watches. Many brands are still determined to create highly complex watches that make men’s souls overwhelming without taking too many women’s aesthetic orientation. On the other hand, manufacturing a high-end colored treasure watch requires more than just watch mechanical technology. The joining of a large number of jewelry can also be said to cross another field. In this field, there are countless competitions and many already very good opponents. Therefore, a brand that has a wealth of experience and strength can provoke a double burden. It can run two high-tech fields such as high-end jewelry manufacturing and watch development, such as Piaget, Breguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Chopard, Hublot and other watch brands . Watch brands that can independently develop high-complexity functions will not give up the movement and functional advantages. Therefore, Caibao watches manufactured mostly appear in the shape of regular watches. This is to not give up the space of the large dial to accommodate the mechanical movement. As well as some of the core functions in watches, if you love watches and you love them, it is certainly not wrong to choose Caibao watches made by watch brands.

The colorful treasure watch that debuted at the Baselworld 2011, featuring a variety of colored gemstones such as diamonds, tourmalines, orange sapphires, peridot, aquamarine, etc. in a radial kaleidoscopic design
Visual Supreme
彩 Jewelry tycoon’s high-quality treasure watch
Caibao watches, of course, colored gemstone-based jewellery watches, who can understand the beauty of gemstones better than those brands that have been dealing with high-end jewelry for nearly a century? If you have never been immune to beautiful colors and colorful shapes, although you love watches, you are not so concerned about the details of mechanical movements, then you will turn your attention to jewelry watches produced by jewelry brands. Find the enchanting Caibao watch in seconds. In fact, the jewelry brand’s colorful watches are not just vain watches. Many advanced colorful watches will add advanced complex functions, such as the double bridge tourbillon color treasure watch of Boucheron, Harry Winston’s three-question ladies watch Ruby lotus and so on. But more often, they prefer to create beautiful jewellery-like watches, and they are also better at making fine jewelry. In order to not be limited by shape, colored treasure watches with heavy jewelry design use quartz movements. The shape of the watch is almost the same as a pure jewellery. The brands that are best at making ‘stunning’ are Cartier, Bulgari, Ch a ume t, Van Cleef & Ar pel s, deGrisogono, and more.

Vacheron Constantin Antique Colour Diamond Watch
Buying a watch is a lot like buying a car. You are largely buying a brand. You may be very familiar with what you want to buy, or you may not know it well or simply do n’t know it, so the safest way is to buy the best in this category-those watch brands that make watch fans all over the world buy. Although many brands produce jewelry watches, what kind of brand is the most reliable?

Chopard Fine Jewellery Watch in 18K Gold with Diamonds and Rubies
Second principle
Gem value high standard rare and high quality
1. Rare colorful treasure golden character signboard
In a certain way, choosing a high-quality jewelry watch is almost the same as choosing a high-quality jewelry. Your knowledge of jewelry is completely useful. When you face too many choices, each with a unique design and luxurious appearance, you can first consider those watches inlaid with emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and tourmalines.
2. Non-copyable works
As a jewellery watch, a Caibao watch is more difficult to make than a full-diamond watch. Have you noticed how many colors are displayed in those colorful Caibao puzzle charts? Did you know that these colors are all natural? It may take 6 months or 1 year to make a colored watch, but it sometimes takes longer to collect those gems, and there are almost no two exactly the same colored watch. In addition, the more gems of the same color, purity, and clarity, the more time it takes to select, and the more precious it is.
3. Use large carats
In those typical watch-shaped colored treasure watches, there are not many big carat colored treasures, but for watches with strange designs that are more like jewelry, sometimes the large carat colored treasures are used to slide the cover. Da Carat’s high-quality Caibao plus the precision of the watch is definitely very collectable.

Cartier High Jewellery Watch in 18K Gold with Diamonds and Sapphire
The third principle
Technical soul is more important for highly complex mosaics
• Icing on special inlay
The colored stones in the jewellery watch are not the only value manifestation. If you find multiple setting methods in a watch, and each one is familiar, it means that behind the watch is a very professional production team. If it happens There are some difficult mosaic methods, such as snowflake mosaic and hidden mosaic, which shows that this is a mature team with senior technicians.
• Snowflake mosaic
没有 There are no two identical snowflake mosaic works in the world, because each gem is placed randomly, so that the gap is almost invisible. When encountering snowflake-like inlays, you can carefully consider the gap between gems with a special magnifying glass. In good snowflake inlays, gold is almost not seen between gems and gems. Even if you see it under the magnifier, the gold between gems is the same spacing. The hidden mosaic inlay Van Cleef & Arpels’s housekeeping skills are also its patented mosaic technology. The characteristic of this mosaic is that no trace of mosaic can be seen from the outside. The covert mosaic method uses squares formed by ‘fine lines’ of gold or platinum as the setting, each square is less than two tenths of a centimeter in diameter. Jewelers crafted the gems one by one in a spider-like grid, so the shape of the jewel was perfectly covered by the gem, and only from the back can you learn about the intricate grid setting made of gold or platinum Extraordinary and superb craftsmanship. The grid formed by the thin metal wire must be absolutely accurate. Only the professional masters in the brand workshop can use this hidden mosaic method. These professional masters are called ‘artisans with extraordinary skills’. Good concealed inlays. When you touch it with your hands, you can’t feel any small abruptness, completely smooth, and the height between the gems is completely consistent when viewed from the side.
• Mixed process
Color watches also play ‘mix and match styles’. Caibao and precious metals are a traditional combination. Many big names will use mother-of-pearl to inlay colorful treasures, or use enamel, lacquer ware, or even wood to achieve richer effects and levels. This definitely increases the difficulty of production. In a watch with multiple materials and multiple effects, it combines the unique skills of the world’s top experts and the continuous cooperation of various professional production teams. It is a collection of art, multiple skills and the rarest materials. Blending, no matter from which perspective, is the most popular category in the collection.

Graff Fine Jewellery Watch in 18K Gold with Diamonds and Emerald
Design is the soul of Caibao watches, just like character, with the brand of style from birth. How to interpret the design concept perfectly requires a lot of highly complicated craftsmanship. When you buy jewelry watches, when you see them, it means that there may have been a long journey of hundreds of working hours behind it.