Bvlgari Diva Series Mystery And Sensibility Of Queen Nile

Charismatic and feminine: This is the character of the Diva watch series. Crafted in platinum and rose gold, with a swaying geometric pattern, the design is inspired by Elizabeth Taylor’s make-up in the movie ‘Cleopatra’: thick black eyeliner extends all the way to the tail eyebrow, and a triangle is drawn at the lower end , Outline a pair of unforgettable purple eyes. This eye makeup is inspired by the eyes of Horus (a symbol of wealth and health), the patron saint of ancient Egyptian mythology. Elizabeth Taylor’s mysterious and emotional interpretation of the Queen of the Nile has been magical, and only such eye makeup can set off the superstar beauty of this superstar. The pattern of this eye makeup is reminiscent of the shape of a fan. Fans are well-known accessories used to drive heat and have become very popular in ancient civilizations. Chinese fans can be traced back to the second century BC, and giant fans were also used in the feast of the Egyptian Royal Palace; in the fifth century BC, fans were daily items for the Greeks and Romans; after 1,500 years, they spread to Europe and became Artwork and noble boutique. Fans are a natural gift for women, and soon become women’s flirting tools. Through the various actions of the fan, they express different emotional meanings-invitations, admiration, desire to welcome and reject

 BVLGARI Diva Watch (Rose Gold)

 BVLGARI Diva Watch (White Gold)

 This series uses the contrast between the form of reality and the other to interpret the sentimental mood of the fan with a detailed three-dimensional cup-shaped flower. Blooming beautiful petals embellish the ornate watch, interspersed with sparkling diamonds. The white gold model is fully paved with diamonds, and the delicate fan forms an elegant flower string, with a hint of oriental charm, giving an elegant shiny effect. In addition, the design of other styles in this series also has surprising changes: cheerful colors of beaded amethyst, peridot or red tourmaline, supporting small diamonds set in between. Since the late 1950s, BVLGARI has been known for its use of convex cuts. In this design, the colored gemstone form is full of fascination, giving the jewelry works a unique sense of abundance and modern flavor. Each gem has a groove cut in the center to set the diamond. This process may seem simple, but in fact it requires superb skills to keep the gems perfect. The small fans are arranged in a row, there are large and small, or upside down, or colorful waterfalls pouring down, the endless geometric structure is like a series of hypnotic notes, which is dizzying.

 The biggest common feature of all the works in this series is easy to wear and easy to match; this is also the typical characteristic of BVLGARI jewelry watches. The design of this series achieves the perfect balance between geometry and circle. With the movement of the body, the models naturally exude a graceful style, which is elegant and relaxed. Under the exquisite craftsmanship, the various parts of the jewelry are cleverly combined, exuding charm in a flowing way between hands and feet.