Bridge For Spreading Eastern And Western Cultures

‘Western Arts and East Rhyme’ is an annual watch cultural exhibition held by the Hengli World Famous Watch Center since 2011, showing the origin of ‘Bridge to spread Eastern and Western culture’ to share and spread Watch culture, timepiece civilization and art, and related lifestyles are the tenet of this. It is characterized by the fusion of oriental essence and western watchmaking craftsmanship. Every year, many classic and well-known watch brands from the world, Nearly a hundred new models are exhibited every year in a newly conceived exhibition concept and visual form. Since its inception, it has received wide attention and recognition from people inside and outside the industry.


  The 2013 Hengli “Western Art East Rhyme” timepiece culture exhibition brings together nearly 20 new and classic models from the world’s high-end and well-known watch brands. The exhibition area is based on the concept of “mobile museum of time” and the exhibition area is divided into “Exploration The four sections of “Road to the Road”, “Civilization Journey”, “Timing Timeline” and “Time Station” creatively create a “museum” in the urban public commercial space. I hope that visitors can experience a strong time and culture atmosphere.

 Following Hangzhou and Shenzhen Stations, from October 21st to November 4th, this ‘flowing time museum’ will be launched in Beijing Financial Street, a place where wealth and fashion gather. As one of the highlights of the famous street of Financial Street, Share the breadth and depth of timepiece culture with many watch lovers in Beijing. The event will be followed by successive appearances in Shenyang and Xi’an.


This exhibition coincides with the 275th anniversary of the establishment of the Jacques de Ronaldo brand, re-engraving pocket watches, large second hand series, big fire enamel, micro-painted enamel, carved crafts, moon phases, perpetual calendars … 12 beautiful timepieces integrate many brands The top watchmaking craftsmanship leads visitors into the time tunnel of Jacques Dro, and the brand’s glorious history of nearly three centuries.


The 2013 Hengli Xiyi Dongyun Timepiece Culture Exhibition took the concept of ‘flowing time museum’, and divided the exhibition area into four sections: ‘Exploration Road’, ‘Civilization Journey’, ‘Timing Time’ and ‘Time Station’. Better explain the development of timepiece civilization.


Sundial, engraving, armillary sphere, water instrument, clock, European mechanical clock, pendulum clock, pocket watch … Along the footprints of the development of eastern and western timepieces, the ‘Civilization Journey’ display especially engraved a representative ancient timepiece. Looking back at the past, let us know more about the hard-won present. The soft curtain light is projected on the white curtain, and the light and shadows, the guests from ancient times to civilization, experience the long history of the development of chronographs, and feel the modern timepiece treasures. Outstanding precision


‘Chronograph’ brings together the classics of nearly 20 world-renowned and well-known watch brands such as ‘Langer, Breguet, Blancpain, Chopard, Glashütte, Girard Perregaux, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Jacodello, Piaget, and Athens’ More than a hundred new models, showing the perfect modern chronograph craft in all directions. What was once the exclusive possession of the ‘royal and noble emperor’, now can provide people with different personalities to help people with different tastes. Whether it is to show tastes with skill, or to convey a time-conscious attitude towards life through possession of timepieces, or to understand the current trend of watch tasting, the collection of ideas in this exhibition area can provide guests with absolute Good reference.

 ‘Western Arts and East Rhyme’ has been launched since 2011. Once a year, in each year’s exhibition area planning, opening up a section for watch lovers to sit down to taste and explore is the first issue considered by Henry. 2013 display It is not only a visual feast, but also a dialogue with the pioneers and the soul. Henry would like to invite friends who understand the time and the time to come and feel and discuss with us all the meanings that time cannot give us. The ‘time station’ is Such a place. After watching the previous sections of the exhibition, time, in this side of the Zen world, quietly spread, diffuse, and precipitate.


For the busy ethnic group in the modern business society, time is as common and essential as air. People have long been used to arranging their precise schedules with smart timepieces on their wrists. And did we ever know that for our ancestors, time was so difficult to obtain. In a long period of history, the timing device was only controlled by a few royal and nobles and elites. It is no wonder that ‘smelling chickens dancing’ relies on animals. The biological clock makes life’s aspirational story, with romantic inspirational color, has become a moment of love. Regardless of astronomical phenomena, agricultural time, or solar time, because time is inseparable from daily life, people have never given up exploring the method of mastering time. It is this kind of exploration that brings together a vast history of the development of timepiece civilization and enriches humanity. The fruits of wisdom have also advanced the course of civilization.

The exhibition is currently held at Beijing Financial Street Shopping Center from October 21st to November 4th. Friends who want to know can go and watch it by themselves.