Boucheron’s New Hibiscus Tourbillon Watch

In the invention of the 20th century, the flying tourbillon is one of the most complicated and prestigious watch complications. The frame of this mechanism can rotate itself, as if by magic, only a few The master of watchmaking masters its extraordinary precision.

The Hibiscus tourbillon watch has a white gold case, hummingbirds and hibiscus flowers covered with diamonds, sapphires and pink gems, a white mother-of-pearl dial with hand-carved curly branches and leaves, and a blue karung strap that looks like the spring scenery on your wrist. It is equipped with a manual mechanical movement and a Swiss escapement flying tourbillon.

The Hibiscus tourbillon watch is different from the thickness of the general tourbillon watch. The special tourbillon inlaid blade holder brings light texture to the movement; the colorful hummingbird flicks its wings and stays in front of the flowers to draw nectar. The humming belongs to Spring songs. The two diamond-encrusted leaves in the center of the frame are beating with each second, echoing the fluttering hummingbird, explaining the poetic love between the two.
The tourbillon window beautifully reveals the ultimate craftsmanship of the flying tourbillon. The corresponding hour and minute hands indicate that it is located at 1 o’clock on the surface.