Blooming Rose Life Piaget Rose Day To Share Happy Moments With You

The sweet origin of ‘Yves Count Rose’

 Rose speaks in a fragrant language that is universal in the world, and its implication can easily penetrate every door, even across national borders. In the name of the rose, the heart is excited, the botanist is its fascination, and the designer’s imagination is also indulged in bloom …

 The Earl’s family chose roses as a symbol of the brand, and took the story of roses as its sweetest mission.

 Rose has always been the core symbol of Mr. Yves Piaget’s life and family business. Like the real muse, each delicate bloom inspires the endless creation of the brand. As the favorite mention of Mr. Yves Piaget’s memoirs of the Earl: ‘For me, roses are equivalent to my childhood. At that time, my first feeling of being deterred by roses and inspiring love was still so clear. It is The wild rose, known as the Sweet Briar or Eglantine rose, blooms unrestrained in the wild at an altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level. ‘Since the 1960s, the earl’s enthusiasm for roses has been transformed into the theme of rose creation, with fine setting Diamond gold petals continue to enrich Piaget watches and jewelry collections.
Since 1976, Earl has strongly supported and sponsored the Geneva International Competition of New Roses. As a jury member, Earl has given a special trophy to the winners of the competition. It is a pure gold rose made by Piaget’s workshop. The beautiful and realistic shape all reflects the superb skills of Piaget artisans, and it is full of Mr. Piaget’s passion for roses.

 For a long time, the count’s affection for roses is still the same as before. At the 1982 Flower Awards, the rose cultivation master who won the gold medal-‘Meilland’. Thanks to Mr. Eve The strong support for the cultivation of new varieties of roses, dedicated to him the new variety of roses that won three international awards, and named this unique rose ‘Yves Piaget Rose’.
A brand new legend was born!

A wonderful interpretation of Piaget Rose Jewellery

 Since then, Earl Rose has become the muse of Earl’s jewelry creation, and began an indissoluble bond with the Earl. The talented Piaget jewellery artisans have devoted their expertise to creating a magnificent Piaget rose jewellery-lace roses, hollow roses, diamond roses: these three distinct styles present the unique qualities of roses. The soft and silky lace roses are slender and smooth. They slowly outline the delicate outline of a vibrant rose, which transforms the girl’s fair skin on the fair skin. The hollow roses will exquisitely stack the skills. Delicately blended with the delicate pattern design, it is sexy and light, and leaps in the light to show more attractive light for those sexy and charming women. As for the most gorgeous diamond roses, each one is beautiful and charming. , The dazzling gem is condensed into a drop of crystal dew in the flower core, shining, and it is the first choice for mature and luxurious women to wear. Regardless of the form, Eiffel Rose brings to every woman not only beauty, but also a full-bodied gesture and happiness.

Piaget Rose Day, the meaning of happiness to the world

 To pay tribute to this legendary rose and its exclusive jewellery collection, the first celebration of Piaget Rose Day will take place on June 13, 2013. It will unveil a global celebration and will be an important date for Piaget and Piaget Rose lovers. On this day, various events and celebrations will be launched around the world. At that time, the Earl Rose will bloom in every corner with its beautiful colors and fragrance.

 Near Eiffel Tower, Paris, on the day of ‘Earl Rose Day’, a personal concert will be presented to the earl enthusiasts by Melody Gardot. This musician with a wonderful voice will sing a classic piece she re-arranged and interpreted for Piaget-‘La Vie en Rose’. In her mind and imagination, ‘Life of the Rose’ occupied a special place from beginning to end: ‘Life of the Rose’ means many events in my life, it changed my life and it allowed me to Reinventing myself, even becoming a completely different me. After experiencing that accident, waking up one morning early, when you find that you can’t move, you can’t talk, it’s painful and painful. But at least you can enrich your imagination with everything that will happen in the future. We all need to re-sign contracts with life occasionally. ‘
She re-enacts the song ‘La Vie en Rose’ in a unique personal style-a love song that shows passion, life, love, and rose. Under the nourishment of her lazy voice and artistic talent, the rose jewelry series will flourish on this day, promising every woman wearing the earl rose a transformation. Open your heart to the count, and life is a blooming rose bed.

 At the same time, in Piaget stores around the world, we will invite enthusiasts to appreciate the jewelry series inspired by the legendary rose. Diamond roses, hollow roses and lace roses will show their delicate texture and dazzling light to the world in three different postures.

Earl Rose messenger, sending a message of love and happiness

 To be sure, what the Piaget Rose conveys is such a warm and happy power; there is always a moment in your life that makes you feel extremely happy and brilliant, that moment is either warm, or emotional, or profound; the moment of movement is like a rose life The beautiful blooming of flowers, and the one who touches you is your messenger of roses. Since May 20, 2013, you can also choose to pass happiness and love to those around you through a simple interaction-Piaget will launch the # 致 我 的 玫瑰 使者 # activity on the official Sina Weibo account homepage, Share with you the moment of TA and your roses, the rose that belongs to you will be planted in the Earl Rose Garden, and the person you @ will immediately receive a Earl Rose born in the Rose Garden because of your blessing. Finally, on Piaget Rose Day and on June 13, Piaget’s official Weibo will randomly pick one in the rose garden, and the lucky person who planted this rose will receive Piaget rose pure gold bracelet and real Yiyi Earl Rose bouquet.
To this end, Earl invites you to share with us the moment of happiness, and transform it into a rose of Eve Count to your rose messenger, blooming a happy life!

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