Big Patek Philippe Brand Watches Produce Less Than 20,000 Pieces Per Year

Simple and not complicated design, which can only be described by classics, something that can not be ignored. Some well-known people love the Patek Philippe brand watches. They are also the first choice with the highest cost performance. Manually refined watches take a lot of time, and Patek Philippe produces less than 20,000 pieces per year. Produced using precious metals such as gold and state-of-the-art equipment. Production craftsmanship: combining the traditional craftsmanship of designers, watchmakers, goldsmiths, bracelet makers, sculptors, porcelain painters and jewelers. Movement: Automatic 自动 Material: Steel
Bottom cover: through the bottom
Case thickness: 9mm
Case diameter: 40mm
Recommended reason: The only one with complicated functions in the whole group, self-produced movement, micro-engraved pattern, moon phase display, this price is very good value.