Beijing City May Day Shopping Guide: Xidan

After introducing the two major business districts of Beijing SKP Shopping Mall and Wangfujing, we will follow Line 1 to Xidan Commercial District for a turn. Xidan, which is named after the Xidan archway in the old Beijing city, is centered on the intersection, and there are many commercial facilities along Xidan Cultural Square and Xidan North Street. Xidan’s business focuses on youth and fashion elements, so it attracts more local young people in Beijing to go to leisure and shopping. It has the reputation of “a shopping paradise for young people”. Its watch dealers and direct-operated stores are centered around the Xidan Shopping Center Hengli World Watch Center. Let’s take a look at them together:

Xidan Shopping Center:

   Xidan Shopping Center is located in Beijing’s bustling Xidan Commercial Street. It is a modern large-scale department store that integrates multiple functions such as department stores, supermarkets, and food courts. Since its establishment in 1930, Xidan Shopping Center has always been known as the ‘People Shopping Center’ in Beijing. In recent years, through continuous adjustment, promotion and development, modern powerful categories such as watches, jewelry and sports have been formed. Including international and domestic well-known watch brands Rolex, Omega, Radar, Tudor, Longines and many other Swiss high-end brands are among them.
Surprise event:
   During the May Day holiday, the mall also prepared surprise events for all the big table friends. In addition to the discounts on the models, a fixed amount of golden eggs to win the gift is also one of the highlights of this time. Want to know more details, please poke here: The annual watch festival is on fire and there are more than discounts here
Henri World Watch Center:
   The largest watchmaker in Xidan Shopping Mall is going to be the Hengli Watch Center. Let’s take a look at what brands are available:
Tudor Store (Hengli World Watch Center Xidanchang Store)

    A Tudor store with more models, the soft lighting and comfortable environment make the watch selection very comfortable, watch friends who like Tudor can go and take a look.
Address: 1F, Hengli World Watch Center, Xidan Shopping Center, 120 Xidan North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Rolex Store (Hengli World Watch Center Xidanchang Store)

   If you go further, you will find a Rolex store. When I visited, there was a new green glass, which was an unexpected surprise! It is also a brand store with more complete funds.
Address: Hengli World Watch Center, Xidan Shopping Center, 120 Xidan North Street
Tissot Store (Hengli World Watch Center Xidanchang Store)

   Opposite Rolex is the counter of Tissot. According to observations, Tissot’s Huang Xiaoming section is also among them. Cousins ​​who like Tissot can come here to take a look.
Address: Hengli World Watch Center, Xidan Shopping Center, 120 Xidan North Street
Tag Heuer Store (Hengli World Watch Center Xidanchang Store)

   There is a Tag Heuer counter next to Tudor, and the submarine racing, Calella and other series are on sale.
Address: Hengli World Watch Center, Xidan Shopping Center, 120 Xidan North Street
   There are also many famous Swiss brands such as Bucherer, Radar, and Emilon for you to choose from. If you come to Xidan shopping mall, you can come and choose one. In addition to these brands from Henri, Mido, Longines, and Omega can also check in here.

Note: There are also a lot of sporadic watch repairers around here. Whether it is watch repairing, reading or maintenance, watchmakers must pay attention to it. Be sure to go to a watch repair station authorized by a regular brand to serve love watches. Cheap, don’t make big mistakes.
Summary: In addition to Xidan Mall, if there are other cousins ​​in need, you can take a few steps to the opposite Joy City or Lafayette Mall in front. The two places are not in fashion clothing and leisure boutiques. few. In addition, it is close to Tiananmen Square and Wangfujing. It can be reached in about 20 minutes on foot. Tired cousins ​​can enjoy the ‘old Beijing’ scenery while walking. I wish everyone a happy journey! (The following will introduce the last Jinyuan Lufthansa watch shopping district)