Aimei Mechanical Men’s Watch Price Discount Public Price

Men’s love for mechanical watches is just like women’s fascination with brand-name handbags. There is no reason to say that they want to have a few more subconsciously. Le Méridien is an international watch brand that began in 1961. The brand’s mechanical watches are hand-made, delicate and flawless. So, what is the price of Amy’s mechanical men’s watch? Next, Xiaobian will show you the pictures of Amy’s mechanical men’s watch, and provide the corresponding price information for reference. Le Méridien is one of the few independent Swiss watch makers. Not only does it occupy a leading position in the German mid-to-high-end watch market, it is also extremely popular in the United States. Today, Le Meridien, with 220 employees, sells its products in more than 4,000 designated luxury watch stores in 45 countries around the world. It is one of the most successful Swiss watch brands in its country and internationally. Below, we will show you the pictures of the major series of Le Méridien mechanical watches, and provide the corresponding price information for reference.
Aimei Mechanical Men’s Watch Bento Series
艾 Although it is still young for Le Méridien, it has not affected its wish to become the ‘Tomorrow’s Classic’ in the watch industry. No matter how world events and trends change, Le Méridien has not changed its goal, which is the eager pursuit of design and high quality.
Amy Pontos series market reference price: ¥ 9300 ~ ¥ 128000
    Inimitable price of Le Méridien men’s watch
In 1990, Le Méridien introduced the most classic ingenuity series, which was based on its predecessor Cinq Aiguilles, and created a powerful whirlwind for the revival of mechanical watches.
Amy Masterpiece Series Market Price Reference Price: ¥ 248000 ~ ¥ 25300
 The elegant series of Le Méridien men’s watches
In 1998, Le Méridien officially entered the Chinese market and has since launched a fierce offensive. On July 26, 2003, Le Méridien signed a contract with Taiwanese singer Zhang Xinzhe, and Zhang Xinzhe became the image spokesperson for Le Méridien in China and Hong Kong.
Aimei Elegant Series Market Price Reference Price: ¥ 11000 ~ ¥ 70000
Le Méridien has always been known for its original designs, and it still produces its own cases, which is rare for many Swiss watch makers. Le Méridien’s production plant in Switzerland includes a case manufacturing plant and an assembly plant, especially a case manufacturing plant, which provides a complete set of production procedures for Le Méridien, from the most original stage case design to the final grinding process. All are managed and controlled by Le Méridien. In addition, Le Meridien has also introduced advanced computer production machines to improve the quality of watches without having to order them externally, making it easier to control costs in terms of price.
   The mechanical watch technology is complex and exquisite, and the mechanical watch is also a symbol of status and status. While pursuing high efficiency, Le Méridien still maintains its precise and meticulous hand-making. The watchmaker in the assembly workshop is assisted by high-tech machines to make each hand’s expression perfect and perfect.