Zenith El Primero Tourbillon Chronograph

Zenith, a Swiss professional mechanical watch brand with 145 years of superb watchmaking technology, has returned to the classic and simple watch design this year, abandoning the previous complicated dial settings and presenting the Zenith watch with a simple appearance Versatility and high precision. Although returning to ‘simple’, the delicate manufacturing process and precise movement equipment still maintain the highest quality for a century.

    Tourbillon tourbillon, the world’s greatest complex mechanical device invention, uses a rotating frame to frame the movement’s balance wheel and escapement, boldly resisting the effect of gravity on the mechanical movement, which can reduce and reduce Because of the time error caused by gravity, the accuracy is unquestionable. Installing the tourbillon device in the high-frequency El Primero movement at 36,000 rpm is like an impossible task. However, the outstanding engineers in ZENITH watch factory have done it, overcame such a difficult task, and created the world’s fastest vibration tourbillon movement.

    In 2010, the new Zenith El Primero Tourbillon tourbillon watch, with its simple dial configuration, has the finest watchmaking craftsmanship and the strongest and most powerful heart, the El Primero movement. In addition to its chronograph function, it also has a surround With the unique date display of the tourbillon, a 50-hour power reserve, stable and accurate high vibration frequency, it presents an impeccable example of a top watch. There are two choices of rose gold and stainless steel. I believe it is definitely your most valuable collection.
• El Primero 4035
• 36,000 revolutions, 50-hour power reserve
• Tourbillon at eleven o’clock
• Patent date display (surround tourbillon)
• Sapphire crystal glass mirror
• 44 mm diameter
• Rose gold or stainless steel case
• Stainless steel recommended price NT $ 1550,000
• Rose gold recommended price NT $ 2050,000

Franck Muller Presents A Unique Vanguard Watch, Salutes The Extraordinary Brand Ambassador

FRANCK MULLER, a Swiss luxury watchmaker, presented a unique watch, demonstrating the style of the brand ambassador Zhang Zhilin in the Asia-Pacific region. This unique Vanguard watch comes from the master of complication, and only this pilot watch can reflect the charming charm of ‘Captain Cool’.
   Zhang Zhilin, who has been the brand ambassador for FRANCK MULLER since 2013, is a Hong Kong superstar with numerous awards. He is familiar with his elegant image. The combination of this day is derived from the love of extraordinary innovation, elegant taste and traditional craftsmanship.
   FRANCK MULLER and Zhang Zhilin worked together to design this unique Vanguard watch, and to express its sincere thanks to the brand. This watch is unique, not only showing the dynamic and innovative spirit of FRANCK MULLER, but also revealing the elegance of the brand ambassador.
   The striking case is set with 307 black diamonds (8.70 carats), highlighting the delicate black brushed dial and embossed digital hour markers. The number ’27’ at 9 o’clock is set with 36 diamonds, and the number ’27’ is of special significance to Zhang Zhilin and FRANCK MULLER-Zhang Zhilin was born on the 27th, and the FRANCK MULLER flagship store opened in Hong Kong on the 27th.
   The engine pattern in the dial and the epaulette decoration at the 6 o’clock date display highlight the role of Zhang Zhilin as the pilot. The back of the watch is engraved with its portrait and signature.
   This unparalleled watch combines innovative spirit, luxurious design and flying dreams, and is driven by a self-winding movement with a 42-hour power reserve. FRANCK MULLER once again combines Swiss tradition with technology and creativity.

Lavrance Time Touch Series Adds New Works

German designer brand Lavaro was born in Hamburg’s design studio. In 2006, because of the successful design of the Ipod Watch series, Lafranui attracted the attention of the German fashion watch industry as a young brand. The Abacus abacus series designed by designer Roy Schafer in 2009 has evolved the concept watch that previously won the German Good Design Award FOMR Award into a fashion watch that has fun, decoration and function in one. Once the classics of designer collaborations were launched, they were sold out in the market.

   The Time Touch series is a sub-series of the ABACUS steel ball series. The avant-garde design with the watchless steel ball rolling time has caused a wave in the watch world, the fashion industry and other fields, and even caused the tumble of time. Out of the continuous innovation of the series, in 2014 Lafranui pushed time to touch the new series of brushed metal.

   In terms of craftsmanship, in order to break through the tacit understanding of the weight of the steel ball and the magnetism of quartz, two semi-empty steel balls were welded with thousands of fine grinding to make the steel balls round and smooth 360 degrees; and the strong magnetic field strength not only allows the steel balls to Running away can also ensure that when the wrist is raised, the steel ball is pulled back instantly and the time is accurately read. This ‘creative and interesting’ design not only completely subverts the stereotyped image of the Germans, but also fully witnesses the superb craftsmanship made in Germany.

   Different from the mirror polishing of the first generation of time-touch, the new second generation of steel balls is more eye-catching, and the drawing effect created by German exquisite craftsmanship is low-key and restrained. It has a very high-quality texture; the fine drawing process is more like the thin lines of time After the dial, it is extremely delicate and worn daily. It is more dazzling and dazzling than the sunlight on the wrist. The new watch also introduces five major fashion taste hues, including Phantom Black, Streamer Silver, Champagne Gold, Tyrant Gold, and Rose Gold, which greatly gives more choices for fashion matching, which surprises the watch family or big fashionistas. !!

Project Z5: Harry Winston’s Innovative Generation Of Project Z Series

Z5 combines beautiful appearance and versatility into one. This is the latest new product of the prestigious Harry Winston Timepieces’ Project Z series. For the first time, the Z5 incorporates a tourbillon mechanical structure and dual time zones. It is designed for men who travel frequently, as well as men who are always in sync with the world. This extraordinary complex watch shows a unique sporty temperament. The mechanical structure (automatic) of the tourbillon is displayed at six o’clock.
Harry Winston’s master watchmaker broke a new challenge in the Z5, adding dual time zones.
The first time zone display-used for reference city, is placed off-centre at two o’clock, and the second time zone, smaller-is used for the city, placed at nine o’clock. A jumping display, with the names of twenty-four cities in French representing twenty-four time zones. In order to fully demonstrate the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship, the designers of Z5 have further simplified the processing of this complex watch, and only need to rotate the crown to change the time and city at the same time.

The Z5 is a perfect new display of the company’s innovative spirit and watchmaking expertise, and represents the next step in the development of Harry Winston’s high-end Project Z series. This is the fifth tourbillon watch in the Zalium zirconium alloy case. Zalium is a new material unique to the company and is only used in Harry Winston’s high-end watches. The vertical guillochage pattern on the surface reflects the graceful and elegant beauty. The strap is available with a leather strap and a rubber strap. Both straps are designed with embossed, unique triangular swords-this is a hidden Japanese weapon-this is the Project Z watch Vivid symbol.
Source: HarryWinston Timepieces

Zenith Welcomes Flying Pioneer Franky Zapata To Become A Brand New Friend

On July 25, 2019, just 110 years after Blairio’s pioneering flight, Zenith Zenith’s newest brand friend Franky Zapata first tried to fly from France to the United Kingdom with the help of a 21st century aircraft. He holds the joystick and wears Zenith Pilot’s Adventure watch. Unfortunately, FrankyZapata failed to fly over the strait due to unfavorable weather conditions, because the turbulent sea made it safe to stop and refuel on the way. Accurately accumulating experience, FrankyZapata’s conviction is stronger than ever, and he announced that he will launch another challenge in the future.

   Breaking the limits of possibilities and inspiring individuals to realize their dreams are all important parts of Zenith’s brand genes. Like pioneer Blairio, early flight attempts gave Louis Blairio the nickname ‘King of Wrecks’, but in the end he successfully flew over the English Channel in 1909. Each flight also prompted FrankyZapata to improve Skill, let him go further to achieve his goal. Franky Zapata, born in Marseille in 1978, is an entrepreneur, inventor, top athlete and pilot. FrankyZapata’s original dream was to fly on the water. He not only possesses extraordinary athletic ability, but also persevering pioneering spirit, and keeps his firm commitment to help explorers and urbanites ‘take the stars’.

   FrankyZapata’s unique and innovative personal flight method is derived from rich hydrojet flight experience, the use of turbine engines, and intuitive flight control designed around the human body. The jet-powered ‘FlyboardAir’ suspension skateboard can take off and land vertically, with unique and unprecedented mobility. This device relies on the Zapata © technology platform, which is said to be the safest, simplest, lightest, and easiest personal aviation system to date. Today, the ‘FlyboardAir’ suspension skateboard is only slightly larger than a large drone. It is driven by five small jet engines through ‘mass transfer’ and can continue to fly for more than ten minutes before replenishing energy. The device adjusts thrust by holding the joystick.

   The Zenith Pilot’s Type20Adventure watch (model: 29.2430.4069 / 63.C813) is comfortable and robust, equipped with an ElPrimero column wheel automatic chronograph movement, which provides a 50-hour power reserve. This 45mm-diameter bronze watch is inspired by original aeronautical instruments, with a wide, easily adjustable ratchet crown, and a khaki green grained dial, decorated with oversized Arabic numerals made entirely of Super-LumiNova® fluorescent material The legibility of the ‘PILOT’ logo is guaranteed, creating an indispensable 21st century watch. In addition, the watch is available in a khaki matrix calfskin strap, as well as replaceable camouflage crocodile leather straps, both with protective rubber lining and titanium clasp.

   After completing his flight over the Channel in 37 minutes, Louis Brillio described his trust in Zenith pilot watches: ‘I highly recommend it to those who seek precise timing.’

   The Zenith Pilot’s Watch is designed by pioneers with a distinctive and innovative taste, and is specially equipped for pioneers who are determined to fulfill their dreams. 110 years later, Zenith Pilot’s Type20Adventure watch has proven itself to be the proud accessory of FrankyZapata’s modern exploration, and the ultimate timepiece for modern adventurers to perform beyond the limit. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Master Of Western Contemporary Art: Time Passing Art

In the literature of western modern art history, Jannis Kounellis is an inescapable master of art. Some of his works (such as the ‘Untitled’ series) have been considered important cut-off points in art history. Since last year, the 76-year-old artist has extended his artistic tentacles to China. He not only made three visits, but also took inspiration from this land to complete a number of new works. ‘Time can’t be measured by attitude and words, but can be proved by actions. No matter how you look at time, it will pass quickly. Only art and my work can prove that I existed.’ — —Chunelis
灵感 Inspiration from China
In the literature of western modern art history, Jannis Kounellis is an inescapable master of art. Some of his works (such as the ‘Untitled’ series) have been considered important cut-off points in art history. Since last year, the 76-year-old artist has extended his artistic tentacles to China. He not only made three visits, but also took inspiration from this land to complete a number of new works. The cover art for Cartier Blue Balloons, the main theme of the ‘Robo Report’, is also from China.
‘In the West, China is a name that is both mysterious and distant. It has an impressive history and culture. It gives me a lot of artistic associations and imaginations.’ But when he actually came to this land, he lived and created here. Later, Kunelis discovered that this is actually a country where modernity and tradition coexist. Avant-garde and classical elements combine with each other and conflict with each other. ‘This is a great environment for contemporary art.’
Shuttle time and space
In the cover created for the ‘Robo Report’, Kunelis used ancient blue and white porcelain as the material, allowing the fragments of blue and white porcelain to form different pattern forms and material relationships with cardboard and figures, both emphasizing the contrast and opposite relationship between materials: Soft and hard, natural and man-made, fluid and solid, traditional and modern, and the unique beauty of form and language are expressed and constructed. It is a kind of aesthetics intertwined with rustic drama and poetic beauty.
‘Blue and white porcelain is one of the classic representatives of Chinese art, and Cartier is also a classic expression of art, both of which have been evolving over time.’ For the cover of this creation, Kunelis explained the blue and white porcelain color performance It represents the vitality represented by classic art, and the numbers fit the concepts of time shuttle and space conversion contained in the watch.
当然 ‘Of course, when the audience faces a piece of work, they will be triggered by various associations. I hope that this cover work can also give readers a rich imagination and interact with them.’
Art should be updated
For the theme of this creation, Cartier’s blue balloon watch, Kunelis commented that he liked the design and creativity of this watch very much, ‘very active, it reminds me of many wonderful memories.’ He expressed the artistry and creativity , Are precisely the two points that you pay most attention to when you choose to wear a watch.
Speaking of the significance of watches in his life, Kunelis said that the numbers on the surface let him understand the passing of time and the importance of continuous creation; perhaps this is why the 76-year-old artist still maintains his creative power. .
‘What’s interesting about contemporary art is that we have to constantly introduce new ideas. If I do n’t have strong creativity, I ca n’t find myself in my favorite art. I’m a curious person. I always want to express new ideas to the world and let More people affirm or deny me. This is a kind of communication. No matter how old, there are people who are willing to enter my world through works and discuss with me. This kind of idea makes me always happy to create. ‘
The Life of Kunelis
出生 Born in Greece in 1936, moved to Rome in 1956, enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, and began an artistic career. Kunelis’s creations use stones, cacti, instant coffee, carded wool, sacks, bags filled with corn, fast oxygen and hydrogen flames, classical sculptures, paraffin lamps, iron flakes, etc. Tracks of the railway. He broke the status, status quo, and pattern of artistic language, and is considered one of the most important master contemporary artists of his time with Boyce.

“Always Dreaming” Wins The 143rd Kfc Competition

As the designated watch and official timekeeper of the ‘Triple Crown’, Longines is deeply honored to be part of the 143rd Kentucky Derby, the grandest in the nation. Support events. ‘Always Dreaming’ won a glorious victory in this legendary race; Swiss watch brand Longines presented elegant watches to champion horse owners, trainers and jockeys. Riding by Jockey John Velazquez, ‘Always Dreaming’ overwhelmed runner-up ‘Looking At Lee’ and third runner-up ‘Battle of Midway’, finally winning this exciting and exciting event. Earlier in the day, Longines also presented the ‘Churchill Distaff Turf Mile’; the race was won by ‘Roca Rojo’, while ‘Believe in Bertie’ and ‘Linda’ won the runner-up and Third place.

   At the Kentucky Derby weekend, Longines presents a watch from the Longines DolceVita; this collection is inspired by the Italian Dolce Vita and showcases contemporary elegance And feminine temperament. The case of this watch is made of stainless steel and rose gold, set with diamonds, and the silver ‘flinqué’ dial is embellished with lacquered Roman numerals and a steel bracelet.

   The men’s watch is the Conquest 1 / 100th Horse Racing; this timepiece pays tribute to flatland supporters and Longines’ long tradition of sports timing. Longines is actively involved in equestrian sports, especially flat races, and this tradition dates back to 1878. At that time, the brand produced a very representative timepiece-a chronograph pocket watch engraved by the jockey and his love horse, with accurate timing to the second.