Jinlongxian Tasting The Glasutti Year Limited Watch

The Chinese have a different understanding of the dragon from the West. In China, the dragon is a symbol of auspiciousness. Especially in the feudal era, the dragon is a symbol of the emperor. Only with the control of the imperial power can the dragon pattern be used. Therefore, the decorative works of dragon pattern can always be loved by Chinese consumers. With the improvement of China’s consumption power, more and more watch brands will launch watches for the Chinese market. This watch introduced in this article is the dragon specially launched by Glashütte in 2012 to welcome the Year of the Dragon. Year-limited watch, although Glashütte is a German-owned watch brand, but this watch has a strong Chinese flavor, the golden dragon on the dial, with the meaning of joy and peace, is an auspicious meaning Watch.

   This tourbillon year limited edition watch has a 40mm rose gold case, with precision watchmaking technology, sophisticated design, classic classics. Quite the traditional blue hour and minute hands, elegantly across the golden dragon coiled ceramic dial, and quietly counting the passage of time, one can not help wondering if there really is a dragon in this world, lying on the clouds overlooking the world.

   The dial of the watch is made by Mason Porcelain Factory. On the white porcelain plate as white as jade, it is decorated with hand-drawn exquisite dragon-shaped pattern and painted with ceramic pigment containing pure gold powder. After high temperature treatment, the pigment adheres to the surface and appears golden matte; the highly skilled artist then uses the agate pen as the golden dragon to make it clear and dazzling.

   At 6 o’clock on the dial, Glashütte’s extraordinary floating tourbillon. The floating tourbillon was created by Alfred Helwig, the legendary German watchmaker, when he was a tutor at a German watchmaking school in Glashütte in 1920, showing the essence of watchmaking art. The miniature second hand display is attached to the floating tourbillon bracket, and the carefully polished gold scale makes the display clearer.

   Containing extraordinary wisdom, the floating tourbillon rotates on the dial and merges with the dial pattern, like a golden ball playing under the golden dragon claws, presenting a vivid scene of golden dragon play beads.

   From the side, the watch has a certain thickness, and the rose gold case is polished carefully, which makes the watch exude a moist and charming light, and the luxury contains a noble temperament.

   The watch is paired with a Louisiana alligator leather strap and a rose gold folding clasp. It is closely connected to the case with a delicate flange, which is very comfortable to wear.

   The words ‘1/1’ are engraved on the back of the rose gold case, showing that each of these eight watches is unique.

   The Mason Tourbillon Year Limited Watch is driven by a carefully modified automatic movement No. 94-11. Through the anti-reflective sapphire case back of the rose gold case, you can enjoy the movement of the movement. The 48-hour power reserve is convenient and practical, and fully meets modern needs.

Summary: This Glasutti limited edition of the Year of the Dragon watch has reached a peak in both watchmaking technology and artistic value. Behind the exquisiteness and exquisiteness there must be high prices. The price is 1.23 million yuan, and it is limited to 8 pieces. Because the dial is hand-painted, each model will be different and unique. This watch can be said to be specially designed for the Chinese rich, and the catering means is very obvious. I don’t know who will collect it in the end.

Stainless Steel Yacht-master Ii Rolex New Watch Real Shot

[Special Report from Watch House Basel] On April 25, 2013, the annual watch industry event Basel International Watch Fair kicked off. The watch house team went to Switzerland. In front of you, we will bring the exhibition report in the first time, and send the new watch pictures of major brands as soon as possible. Here are some of Basel’s new products. The Rolex Yacht-Master II watch is a real shot. Friends who like Rolex can see it first.

 At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Fair 2013, Rolex launched its new Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II watch. This groundbreaking regatta chronograph was launched in 2007. For the first time, the new Yacht-Master II watch uses 904L stainless steel and is equipped with a blue ceramic ring. Designed for professional sailors and yacht lovers, this watch perfectly embodies Rolex’s expertise in precision, function and reliability.
 The Yacht-Master II watch has a unique Rolex-developed function: it can set the countdown from 1 to 10 minutes, and through the built-in mechanical memory function, reset the countdown with the same time limit. After the countdown is started, it can be precisely adjusted at any time according to the official countdown. The countdown function ideally meets the need for precise timing at critical moments before the start of the regatta. Although technically complicated, it is very easy to use: the countdown can be set by rotating the outer ring with RING COMMAND. The RING COMMAND outer ring was developed by Rolex and constitutes a new interactive interface between the outer ring and the movement.

 The Yacht-Master II watch has an oyster case with a diameter of 44 mm and a water resistance of 100 meters (330 feet). It is an example of solidity, elegance and perfect proportions. The distinctive middle case is cast from 904L stainless steel, which is extremely resistant to corrosion. The triangular-shaped bottom case is screwed tightly by Rolex watchmakers with special tools exclusive to the brand to completely seal the case. The winding crown adopts a patented triple-lock triple waterproof system, which is firmly screwed to the case and protected by a crown shoulder that is integrated with the middle case. The mirror is made of scratch-resistant sapphire. The fully sealed Oyster case provides the best protection for the Yacht-Master II’s highly accurate movement.

 The Yacht-Master II uses a fully automatic mechanical timing movement 4161 developed by Rolex. This movement is equipped with a column wheel. Like all Rolex movements, the 4161 calibre has also received the Swiss Official Accreditation for Timepieces. This certification is specifically awarded to precision watches that have successfully passed the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC) test. The exquisite design and high-quality production process of this movement make it unparalleled in accuracy and reliability. The heart of the watch, the balanced swinging component, uses Rolex’s patented blue PARACHROM hairspring, and is made of an alloy that Rolex has exclusively cast. This hairspring is not affected by magnetic fields, and can still perform stably under temperature changes. The shock resistance is 10 times higher than that of traditional hairsprings.
The pictures and information collected by the reporting team in front of the Watch House will be uploaded to the special topics in Basel, so stay tuned.
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Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramica — 48mm 3-day Power Reserve Ceramic Watch

Every detail of the new RADIOMIR 1940 3-day power reserve watch describes Panerai’s watch tradition carefully crafted for the Italian Royal Navy officers. As for the matte black ceramic case with the extremely simple dial design, this new watch of the RADIOMIR 1940 series has an outstanding contemporary look.

   The new Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramica watch inherits the Panerai tradition, draws subtle inspiration from history, and displays the superb watchmaking technology of Panerai Neuchatel in detail. The combination of haute horology and modern sports watch making techniques creates another classic of the brand. The new Radiomir 1940 case is converted from zirconia powder to black ceramic, and then matte, showing a high-tech appearance with outstanding aesthetics. Compared with the steel case of other Panerai watches, the ceramic case is harder, lighter, scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and resistant to high temperatures.
   The black dial uses a ‘sandwich’ dial structure to make the watch even more extraordinary. The stick and dot hour design is simple and clear, and easy to read. The dial’s design is modern and modern, and it complements the elegant hazel Super-LumiNova® with hour markers and the embossed pattern of Silura a Lenta Corsa. The new watch is contemporary in style, while the dial follows the original design developed by Panerai for Italian naval officers in the late 1930s, which is of historical significance.
  The P.3000 manual winding movement, entirely developed by Panerai Watch Factory in Neuchâtel, is visible through the large polished sapphire crystal case back. The diameter of the movement is 16½ centimeters, which is a unique feature of the watch at that time. The wide frosted bridge covers most of the gear components, and is equipped with a large-scale balance wheel with a diameter of 13.2 mm and two hairspring barrels, providing a 3-day power reserve. The movement is also equipped with a quick adjustment of the hour hand function, which allows the hour hand to be adjusted directly forward and backward without affecting the operation of the minute hand or watch.
   The new Radiomir 1940 3 Days Ceramica (PAM00577) 3 day power reserve ceramic watch has a water resistance of 10 bar (equivalent water depth of about 100 meters). It is equipped with an unprocessed brown primary leather strap and a trapezoidal buckle. Colored stitching trim. The buckle, like the case back, is cast from anti-sensitive titanium and coated with DLC (Diamond-Crystal-Crystal Carbon), which adheres to the color of the watch.
RADIOMIR 1940 3 DAYS CERAMICA – 48 mm 3-day power reserve ceramic watch

Movement: Panerai P.3000 manual winding mechanical movement, completely developed by Panerai. Function: hour, minute. Case: 48 mm diameter, black ceramic
Dial: black with luminous hours. Power reserve: 72 hours. Water resistance: 10 bar (about 100 meters).

Aimei Mechanical Men’s Watch Price Discount Public Price

Men’s love for mechanical watches is just like women’s fascination with brand-name handbags. There is no reason to say that they want to have a few more subconsciously. Le Méridien is an international watch brand that began in 1961. The brand’s mechanical watches are hand-made, delicate and flawless. So, what is the price of Amy’s mechanical men’s watch? Next, Xiaobian will show you the pictures of Amy’s mechanical men’s watch, and provide the corresponding price information for reference. Le Méridien is one of the few independent Swiss watch makers. Not only does it occupy a leading position in the German mid-to-high-end watch market, it is also extremely popular in the United States. Today, Le Meridien, with 220 employees, sells its products in more than 4,000 designated luxury watch stores in 45 countries around the world. It is one of the most successful Swiss watch brands in its country and internationally. Below, we will show you the pictures of the major series of Le Méridien mechanical watches, and provide the corresponding price information for reference.
Aimei Mechanical Men’s Watch Bento Series
艾 Although it is still young for Le Méridien, it has not affected its wish to become the ‘Tomorrow’s Classic’ in the watch industry. No matter how world events and trends change, Le Méridien has not changed its goal, which is the eager pursuit of design and high quality.
Amy Pontos series market reference price: ¥ 9300 ~ ¥ 128000
    Inimitable price of Le Méridien men’s watch
In 1990, Le Méridien introduced the most classic ingenuity series, which was based on its predecessor Cinq Aiguilles, and created a powerful whirlwind for the revival of mechanical watches.
Amy Masterpiece Series Market Price Reference Price: ¥ 248000 ~ ¥ 25300
 The elegant series of Le Méridien men’s watches
In 1998, Le Méridien officially entered the Chinese market and has since launched a fierce offensive. On July 26, 2003, Le Méridien signed a contract with Taiwanese singer Zhang Xinzhe, and Zhang Xinzhe became the image spokesperson for Le Méridien in China and Hong Kong.
Aimei Elegant Series Market Price Reference Price: ¥ 11000 ~ ¥ 70000
Le Méridien has always been known for its original designs, and it still produces its own cases, which is rare for many Swiss watch makers. Le Méridien’s production plant in Switzerland includes a case manufacturing plant and an assembly plant, especially a case manufacturing plant, which provides a complete set of production procedures for Le Méridien, from the most original stage case design to the final grinding process. All are managed and controlled by Le Méridien. In addition, Le Meridien has also introduced advanced computer production machines to improve the quality of watches without having to order them externally, making it easier to control costs in terms of price.
   The mechanical watch technology is complex and exquisite, and the mechanical watch is also a symbol of status and status. While pursuing high efficiency, Le Méridien still maintains its precise and meticulous hand-making. The watchmaker in the assembly workshop is assisted by high-tech machines to make each hand’s expression perfect and perfect.