Seiko Launches Lukia Autumn And Winter Series, Blowing Up Confident Ol Wind

Bright and dazzling like the spokesperson Miho Takino, she is confident and charming all the time. The 2009 LUKIA autumn and winter series launched a limited edition and an environmentally-friendly solar watch at the same time, revealing its own characteristics, innovative ultra-thin 6.2mm case design, and at the same time not forgetting to express LUKIA’s care for the earth and contribute to the environmental protection brand concept.

 2009 LUKIA’s new autumn and winter environmental protection solar watch uses the ultra-thin 6.2mm case newly developed by SEIKO, which greatly surpasses other watches on the market, and improves the turbid color unique to previous solar panels, with soft white or bright red face, It presents a slightly sweet style with classic and neat shapes, allowing the new generation of OL to match the clothing of different occasions as they wish, showing the best personal style of the new generation of OL who is not blindly obedient, but also shining and restrained. Environmentally-friendly solar watches can be recharged under sunlight and daily light. It is very convenient to replace the battery, so that the new generation of OLs can show their own fashion and never forget to love the earth to be environmentally friendly. The ergonomic strap design is suitable for the wrist. Let the new generation OL enjoy a high degree of comfortable wearing even if worn for a long time.

 LUKIA, who is good at bringing fashion trends into watch design, the new 2009 autumn and winter series continues the popular trend of this year’s rose gold. The elegant color matching of rose gold is more eye-catching and the low-key blooming in the autumn and winter colors mainly based on dark tones. Gorgeous breath that cannot be ignored. The watch is paired with LUKIA’s classic round and rectangular surfaces. It is small and detailed, and the Roman numerals with radial shading on the dial extend the overall design of the watch, improving the recognition of time, combining fashion trends and immortal classics, creating a new generation of OL exclusive. Glamour taste and exquisite texture, whether it is work or leisure, can bloom vitality and charming style, becoming a representative of the new generation of fashion OL that attracts attention and influence.

Christie’s 2013 Jewellery Watch Autumn Sale Press Conference Xiong Dailin Appears

It is reported that Christie’s Hong Kong held a press conference for the 2013 [Magnificent Jewelry and Jade Jewellery] and [Precious Watches] Autumn Auctions at the James Auction Hall of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on November 20. At the press conference, the selected lots were presented in three groups, including three pieces of Burmese natural ruby ​​jewelry and ‘opera’ antique pocket watches made for the Chinese market. A selection of jewellery and timepieces are also on display.

 The famous Hong Kong artist Xiong Dailin also appeared as a special guest at the event, talking with Christie’s experts about the experience of matching jewellery and watches, and exhibiting many lots.
 Christie’s Hong Kong’s 2013 [Magnificent Jewellery and Jade Jewellery] Autumn Auction will be held on November 26, at which time more than 300 lots will be presented, with a total valuation of HK $ 720 million / US $ 90 million. At the same time, the ‘Exquisite Watch’ auction will be held on November 27, with a total of more than 550 lots, with a total valuation of more than 140 million Hong Kong dollars / 16 million US dollars. The lot includes a series of high-end watches with excellent looks. In addition to the best three-question, perpetual calendar, tourbillon and chase chronograph watches from the hall-level brands, there are also innovative works by well-known independent watchmakers. Highlights of the auction included a number of exquisite pocket watches with tourbillons and moving puppet devices, as well as gorgeous jewelry watches.

Patek Philippe Lot 2493
Patek Philippe takes the lead again
 The well-known Patek Philippe continues to be the focus of watch auctions. There are five eye-catching works this season, including fine and rare stainless steel watches with perpetual calendar, chronograph, moon phases, 24-hour and leap year displays, model 5004 (Lot Number 2493, Estimate: HK $ 2,400,000-4,000,000 / US $ 300,000-500,000). Because only Patek Philippe made stainless steel watches with complex calendar functions before the 1980s, stainless steel antique watches with chronograph function or perpetual calendar are one of the rarest watches in existence. This model 5004 was produced in about 2012 and is in good condition and eye-catching, demonstrating the classic design of the brand with modern craftsmanship. This watch was first introduced to the auction market and was auctioned for the first time by Christie’s.
 In addition, the auction focus also includes auctions commissioned by important private collectors. Four Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronographs with unique dials (see, Lot Nos. 2657, 2660, 2663, and 2666 are auctioned separately, with a minimum valuation ranging from 960,000 to 1,280,000HKD / 120,000 to 160,000 USD). All four watches are exclusive versions of the classic 3970 watch and are highly sought after. Each watch is equipped with a unique dial, which perfectly combines the dial design with the complex mechanical structure and the craftsmanship of the hallmark brand. According to data records, these four models with unique dials 3970 have never appeared on the market and will debut at the Christie’s Hong Kong autumn auction.
Magnificent jewellery watch
 One of the most eye-catching jewellery watches this season is also from Patek Philippe. This fine and very rare 18K gold and diamond and sapphire cushion bracelet watch, model 3625 (Lot 2383, estimated HK $ 560,000-720,000 / US $ 70,000-90,000), manufactured in 1984 and set with a total of 748 pieces Diamonds weighing 6.33 carats and 146 diamonds totaling 12.25 carats are rare and elegant. It is the only watch on the market to date that Patek Philippe collectors should not miss.

18K Gold Cushion Watch with Diamonds and Sapphire
 Two other dazzling jewellery watches are also expected. One of them, made by Piaget in 1989, is a very fine 18K white gold diamond-set pillow-chain watch, ‘High Jewellery Collection’, model 77’280, lot number 2442, estimated 620,000-800,000 HKD / 80,000-100,000. USD), set with 264 round diamonds weighing 15.99 carats and 144 baguette diamonds weighing 11.26 carats.
 Another very fine and eye-catching 18K white gold diamond asymmetric bracelet watch manufactured by Vacheron Constantin, belonging to the ‘High Jewellery Collection, Kalla1972’, model 37600 (Lot 2742, estimated 950,000-1,400,000 HKD / 120,000 -$ 180,000). Made specifically for the Ukrainian market in 2006, this watch is set with 32 baguette diamonds weighing 6.04 carats and 1047 round diamonds weighing 15.23 carats.
Technology introduces new modern watches
 The leader of the modern watch category is the very fine and rare platinum barrel-shaped skeleton watch manufactured by Richard Mille circa 2006, with tourbillon, model RM012 Ag Pt, limited production, no. 19/30 (Lot 2543, Estimate: HK $ 2,400,000-4,000,000 / US $ 300,000-500,000). This watch’s barrel-shaped movement embodies epoch-making superb technology. It is the first watch in the history of watches and clocks to use an extremely complex barrel-shaped structure. It is highly resistant to corrosion and independent of temperature changes. The pinnacle of watch craftsmanship was the 2007 Geneva Watch Grand Bounty Pointer Award winner.

Girard Perregaux
 Another outstanding tourbillon watch is a fine, oversized and very rare 18K white gold watch manufactured by Girard Perregaux in 2012, with a dual-axis tourbillon, limited production, ‘Bi-Axial Tourbillon’, number 3/33, The model number is 99810 (Lot No. 2539, Estimate: HK $ 960,000-1,400,000 / US $ 120,000-180,000). This watch is based on the tourbillon pocket watch of the 1860s. The well-known ‘Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon’ has been carefully modified to become a two-axis tourbillon, making the planar structure more precise. This watch is the third of 33 limited edition watches, combining the exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship, innovative ideas and superior technology that Girard-Perregaux pursues.
 In addition, this auction also introduces a highly collectible watch manufactured by Christophe Claret circa 2013. It is a very unique, fine and very rare 18K white gold and titanium skeleton watch, with a tilt floating tourbillon, inverse Hour and minute return sphere display, limited production, ‘X-Trem-1 Model’, No. 1/8 (Lot No. 2482, Estimate: HK $ 640,000-960,000 / US $ 80,000-120,000). The lot is unique and novel, highlighting the brand’s outstanding mechanical design. This watch is the first of eight limited edition watches. The floating tourbillon tilts 30 degrees, breaking the limits of modern watchmaking technology. There are small sapphire tubes on the sides of the case, and the maglev retrosphere inside the tube will show the time. .
 Selected items of modern watches also include fine, large size and very rare 18k white gold skeleton watches, wired power reserve, ‘Opus X’, limited production, lot 99/100 (lot 2880, estimate: 640,000- 900,000 HKD / 80,000-120,000 USD). Opus Series was launched in 2001 by Harry Winston and well-known independent watchmakers. Each watch combines top watchmaking craftsmanship with the cooperation and innovation of all parties. The 99th of the 100 limited edition watches, co-designed by clock engineer Jean-Francois Mojon around 2012, the design is inspired by the movement of the planet. This lot replaces the traditional fixed dial and hands with a rotating pointer system on a rotating frame, which reflects advanced watchmaking technology and displays time in an innovative and unique way.
Antique clocks and watches made for the Chinese market
 Europe’s top watchmakers began to produce luxurious and innovative timepieces and boutiques in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to meet the thirst of European royals and Chinese courts and officials for clocks and dolls.
 A selection of antique clocks and watches includes a very rare and very important musical pocket watch made for the Chinese market circa 1800. It is made of 18k gold and enamel, set with pearls, and has four moving figures (Lot No. 2787, Estimate: 3,700,000-5,200,000 Hong Kong dollars / 470,000-650,000 US dollars), reflects the 19th century Switzerland’s top action figure technology and superb watchmaking technology, is an extremely precious antique pocket watch. Living puppets are small devices that mimic biological or human actions. The opera doll design of the ‘Opera House’ is probably one of the rarest mechanical event functional designs in the world. It is believed that there are only eight pocket watches of the same type in the world. This pocket watch is considered to be produced by DuBois et Fils, a Swiss watchmaker who produces many precious active doll pocket watches.
 In addition, another antique clock made for the Chinese market comes from Vacheron Constantin. It is a very rare and important lapis lazuli and jade clock made in 1926. It is in the style of Art Deco, Chinese black lacquered gold, with 8 days power and silk enamel. Dial (Lot No. 2725, Estimate: 800,000-1,200,000 HKD / 100,000-150,000 USD). Another antique jewellery, made by luxury watchmaker Verger Freres in 1927, is a magnificent platinum-encrusted emerald and diamond necklace and watch (Lot No. 2741, Estimate: HK $ 1,100,000-2,000,000 / US $ 140,000-250,000), sold by Paris Osterag .