Swiss Radar Everlasting As New

The Swiss radar watch is carefully crafted with extraordinary materials, which is more sturdy and light, and has excellent wear resistance and scratch resistance. For example, the classic DiaStar watch of the radar watch, after half a century of baptism, is still scratch-free and as new as ever.
Rado D-Star boldly uses high-tech materials commonly used in aerospace.
    The world’s evaluation of Swiss radars is polarized: ‘You either love it or hate it.’ This Lengnau watchmaker, located between Bienne and Soleure, says this Don’t deny it. Swiss Rado has nearly 100 years of professional watchmaking experience. Starting from the acquisition of Schlup & Co movement factory founded in 1917, and officially establishing the Swiss Rado brand in 1957, this Bern watch company is convinced that Only a watch with a unique personality can inspire emotion. Swiss radars have always strived to awaken emotions through innovative materials, including ‘hard metal’, sapphire crystal, ceramics and high-tech diamonds.

Master The World Between Inches: Montblanc Star World Time Watch

Business people often travel around the world. A watch that can display the time in at least two time zones is the most suitable. Montblanc Star Automatic World Time GMT watch can display the time in two time zones at the same time, which can display the time in 24 time zones around the world. It is the most convenient for business people and bankers. It can grasp the trading time of the world’s major stock exchanges at any time. .

Montblanc Star Automatic World Time GMT watch is easy to operate at first sight: the engineers at Montblanc Reno have made great breakthroughs in functional research and development. The crown can be operated together through the improved design and enhanced safety performance. Various functions: The crown is in the original position (without loosening). Clockwise rotation can wind the movement, and counterclockwise rotation can adjust the ring of city names around the world. Pull the crown out to the middle position. Rotate clockwise to set the calendar. Rotate counterclockwise to adjust the red-tip GMT hand forward in units of 1 hour; pull the crown a further step, and turn clockwise to adjust the hour hand as usual. And minute hand.
The hour hand is always connected to the movement, showing the local time of the main body of the watch; the smaller red-tip GMT hand with the two-color 24-hour ring indicates the time in the second time zone (with day and night display); when the local time and the GMT second time zone When the time is set correctly, the time zone in all time zones is indicated with the outermost global time zone ring.
全新 This new setting system is equipped with special tooth technology, which can drive the outer ring of the dial and the corresponding movement. This technology is waiting for patent technology review. This new technology not only uses a single crown to independently control all functions, but also separates the movement, time zone gear system and world time display system when adjusting the time zone time, so that the movement still maintains accurate operation.
42mm stainless steel case is not only sturdy and durable, it is not afraid of the harsh environment during the journey, but also contains the micro-mechanical engineering technology.
Montblanc Star Automatic World Time GMT watches are available in two stainless steel models. One is a black machine-engraved dial with a black alligator leather strap; the other is a silver machine-engraved dial with a steel bracelet. These two straps All with stainless steel triple discount, easy to switch on and off.

Overview Of The Five Major Watch Brand Classic Luminous Technologies

Throughout the development of Luminous Watch and the creative competition between the major watchmakers, I suddenly felt that there were so many mysteries hidden in Little Luminous. As everyone knows, several major watchmaking brands have used various methods to illuminate the large dials, but they are only to please you in the dark.
King of Luminous Watches-Ball Watch

   Luminous technology: self-luminous miniature gas lamp
   Products need to be distinctive. In recent years, Ball has gathered more and more popularity in the mainland. The watch is indeed good, antimagnetic, super hard coating, of course, the most attractive is the gas light technology (Gas Light) technology. This is a self-luminous miniature gas lamp embedded in the dial scale and hands. Through this Swiss cutting-edge technology, without relying on external light or energy, the brightness of self-luminous miniature gas lamps is more than ordinary Traditional luminous paint is 100 times higher and can continue to shine for up to 25 years.

Noctilucent patent holders-Panerai

   Luminous technology: Radiomir, Luminor
   Panerai is an old brand, established since 1860, and one of the three patents it prides itself on is left to the luminous technology-Radiomir. The reason why Panerai’s technology is called Radiomir is because the radioluminescent material used is radium radium. Radium is a pure white alkaline earth metal that is oxidized to black when exposed to air. All compounds of radium are radioactive. Radium’s Latin name means radioactive. The nature of radium is not stable. It will decay into plutonium in about 1600. Because of continuous decay, it will emit light blue light. In 1949, another important luminous technology of Panerai, Luminor, also applied for a patent, which used the other radioactive material plutonium as a luminescent material. This technique is more secure, but still has time constraints. Both radium and thallium materials are self-luminous luminous materials, and do not need to absorb energy from the outside to continue to emit light. The half-life of plutonium is 12.5 years, that is, the effective life of luminous light produced by plutonium is about ten years. After more than ten years, the cormorant began to age, turn yellow, and gradually lost the luminous effect. Most current watches use materials with longer afterglow, such as the current mainstream Super-LumiNova, which only needs 30 minutes of exposure and can emit green light for 8 hours. This material appeared in the 1980s. Its main component is strontium aluminate. After adding rare-earth thorium, it can emit light for several hours as long as it is exposed to light for several minutes.
Blue light yingying-Rolex

   Luminous technology: Chromalight
   Rolex’s luminous dial shows that Chromalight, an innovative fluorescent material, is used. The so-called ‘Chroma’ is ‘color, saturation’. This material emits blue light and is used on a series of Rolex professional oyster watches hands and clocks. Compared with general standard fluorescent materials, Chromalight’s luminous time is almost doubled. Its luminous intensity is more stable during a complete dive and lasts more than 8 hours. In 2008, Rolex used the Chromalight fluorescent material for the first time on its Oyster Perpetual DEEPSEA, a diver’s professional watch with a waterproof depth of 3900 meters. It is the blue color of the Rolex diving watch.

German innovation-Lange

   Luminous technology: UV-activated phosphor phosphor emits light
   All roads lead to Rome. There are always different ways to solve the same technical problem. The realization of noctilucent is the same. A few cases that have been painstakingly devoted to the luminous body have been introduced before. Now look at the individual ingenuity-the luminous effect is achieved through the dial. This is to mention the German patent DE102010000749 of Lange, filed on January 8, 2010, and inventor WENZELJAN. This design is applied to Lange’s famous ‘owl’ ZEITWERK luminous version. Lange’s luminous design, the dial is made of sapphire, and then coated on sapphire. The coating consists of two layers. The first layer is a metallic silver coating and the second layer is a titanium oxide coating. 100 nanometers. This design has only one purpose. It does not transmit visible light and only transmits ultraviolet light. The phosphorous phosphor is excited by the transmitted ultraviolet light to emit light. The choice of titanium oxide and silver coating materials and the thickness design are such that the transmitted ultraviolet light has a wavelength between 250 nm and 430 nm, which can maximize the phosphor phosphor to emit light. After comparing many designs, I feel that German technological innovation is indeed quite special. For example, the design of the automatic winding efficiency introduced earlier, only the Germans thought that the reduction ratio of the two-way winding was designed to be different, so that the mainspring could win. Tighter.
Luminous Sticky-Blancpain

   Luminous Technology: Luminous Scale Bonding
   Now that luminous technology is so mature, how to present this technology has become the focus of attention of various brands. In 1997, Blancpain produced the Fifty Fathoms watch with a water resistance of 300 meters. In 2003, in order to commemorate this legendary watch model, Blancpain specially launched a new limited edition watch, this watch has a black arc-shaped scratch-resistant sapphire crystal bezel, and different materials, different hardness This kind of professional technology, which is combined with different heated rigid bezels, fluorescent scales and sapphire crystals, is also patented.

A New Member Of The Breitling Galaxy Collection Galactic 44 Watches

For more than 130 years, Breitling has firmly established its leading position as a precision chronograph expert with its accurate, reliable and outstanding performance on the wrist watch of professionals. It is also because of its expertise in this field that Breitling was able to create precision watches like the Galactic series that perfectly embody the outstanding performance. This extremely dynamic and versatile wrist timepiece is suitable for those who do not need the chronograph function, but still demand the ruggedness, precision and reliability of the watch.

   After successively launching 41mm models equipped with automatic winding mechanical movements, and 36mm and 32mm models specially designed for women, the Galaxy series now welcomes a new member of a larger size.

   The new Breitling Galactic 44 watch has an atmospheric diameter of 44 mm, and its resolute and magnificent technical appearance shines on the wrist. The satin-brushed unidirectional rotating bezel is beautifully engraved with unique black rubber hour markers. The dial provides a very unique way of displaying time, and the display windows at 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock show the date and day, respectively. In addition, the bezel’s inner ring is carefully pressed with a 1/100 hour scale and a compass indicator bearing scale. The large three-dimensional hour markers and oversized hands are coated with a luminous coating, coupled with a thick double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal, ensuring the best readability and clarity. The stainless steel case with screw-in safety chronograph button is water-resistant to 200 meters (660 feet), equipped with a high-performance self-winding mechanical movement, and has the Swiss Official Observatory Certification (COSC), which represents the highest benchmark for accuracy and reliability.

   The watch is available in black, blue and silver dials, with a choice of stainless steel bracelet, calfskin or crocodile strap, rubber strap or military strap. Breitling Galaxy 44 watch: extraordinary dynamic, outstanding example.

Technical Information

Movement model Breitling 45 movement
Movement Automatic mechanical movement
Power reserve of not less than 42 hours
28,800 swings per hour
Number of jewel bearings 25 jewel bearings
Calendar day and date display window
Case Stainless steel
Water resistance 200 meters (660 feet)
Bezel Two-way ratchet bezel
Crown swivel, double seal
Mirror Sapphire Crystal
Diameter 44.00 mm
Bracelet Leather strap, Diver Pro rubber strap, Military strap / Pilot steel bracelet
Lug width 22/20 mm
Table thickness 14.30 mm
Weight (without strap) 104,35 grams

The Top Craftsmanship That Shocked Watchmaking: The Bvlgari 2014 Complex Watch Appreciation Exhibition Debuted On November 6th In Taichung Yuan Henry Watches

The appreciation of Taiwanese watch collectors has always surprised international brands! Bulgari headquarters has listed Taiwan as a key region in Asia, and will surprise many heavyweights at this year’s Basel watch exhibition. The masterpiece of the world moved to Taiwan and held an appreciation party at the Taichung Yuan Henry Watch: including Bulgari’s three-year-old, the world’s thinnest hand-chain flying tourbillon OCTO Finissimo; and praised by watch experts as the most talked about this year 4. The four-hammer, three-question, constant-power, impact astronomical watch ‘Sea Eagle’ that reproduces the legendary ship clock craft of the 18th century.

Extremely Slim

   One of the stunning ‘OCTO Tourbillons’ in the jewellery watch exhibited in Taiwan this time is set with a number of finely crafted ornate step diamonds. It sings the eye; singing the nature, alive animal totem ‘ BVLGARI BVLGARI Tropical Garden Lady Tourbillon ‘diamond-studded style; and a variety of ladies complicated color treasure watches are presented to modern women who love to appreciate the delicate craftsmanship and details. The lineup is strong, and each piece is a rare and rare work!

Breathtaking Crystallization of Navigation and Complex Watchmaking Process Bulgari ‘Sea Eagle’ Four Hammers, Three Questions, Constant Power Impact Observatory

   Four hammers and four springs, the timekeeping mechanism and the bells of Westminster. The performance of these complex timepieces may have been greatly appreciated by watch enthusiasts, but in fact there are still more top watchmaking techniques waiting for collectors to discover. Bvlgari’s new large and complex watch ‘Sea Eagle’ four-hammer three-question constant-force impact astronomical watch L’Ammiraglio del Tempo’s spring-loading mechanism is equipped with an innovative chronograph sliding spring, using an impact-type observatory escapement mechanism and a constant motion device. The function of the perpetual motion device is a regulating organ, which achieves the extreme complex technology for this watch.

   The ‘Sea Eagle’ four-hammer, three-question, constant-force impact astronomical watch L’Ammiraglio del Tempo’s craftsmanship is closely related to the maritime world, evoking the history of sailing and maritime battles experienced by great maritime powers in history such as France, Britain, Spain and Portugal memory. L’Ammiraglio del Tempo’s movement is equipped with a constant power device, which outputs the torque evenly to the escapement. In the dictionary of complicated watches and clocks, the impact observatory escapement mechanism is far more complicated than the tourbillon, and it is one of the rarest devices of this kind of miniature parts. Most of today’s mechanical watches are equipped with a lever escapement, and in fact, other types of escapements are rarely used. This choice is mostly due to the difficulty of making small parts and the need to ensure excellent travel time reliability in the tight space provided by the watch.

   The L’Ammiraglio del Tempo watch is made of Daniel Roth series case and contains 516 movement parts, which are delicate and ingenious. There is a special element that plays an important role in the starting mechanism of the spring spring system, that is, the movable lugs, which are used as the performance of the time slip spring, can be activated by dialing from 7 to 8 o’clock. This ingenious and innovative device allows the middle case to move smoothly without being disturbed by side sliding springs that protrude beyond the case. The new masterpiece has a diameter of 50mm, and is matched with 18K rose gold or white gold. The faceplate is partially hollowed out, showing the impact observatory escapement mechanism and the rhythmic posture of percussion hammers and springs. The ‘solid’ part of the faceplate is a black or blue gold panel, depending on the case metal. The entire watch is decorated with a bell-shaped sapphire crystal, which allows collectors to savor the hand-made Geneva ripples on the movement and the fish scale pattern. L’Ammiraglio del Tempo watches are available in 20 limited editions worldwide, in 18K rose gold and 18K white gold models, each in 10 quantities. An exclusive limited number is engraved on the sapphire crystal plate embellished with the crown.

Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Slim Tourbillon

   Bvlgari’s home-made movement family has added a number of new forces this year. The new Octo Finissimo series has challenged the slim limit and launched ultra-thin small three-pin and tourbillon styles. Misunderstood the topic. The Octo Finissimo Tourbillon ultra-thin tourbillon style, with a movement thickness of only 1.95 mm, has become a topical highlight of this year’s Basel Watch Fair. As the tourbillon frame is the key to mastering the thickness of the movement, the research and development team reduced the frame to 1.95 mm in one fell swoop, and embedded it into the movement’s bottom plate, which became the thickness basis of this movement, and adjusted the position of the splint and ball bearings as much as possible, and Created this ultra-thin tourbillon movement with a thickness of only 5 Swiss francs. This model also features a polished black lacquered dial and a distinguished platinum case.

Emerald, ruby, rich and sweet, treasured and wonderful time: Bvlgari Berries Sweet Berry Series

   The taste of surrendering to the temptation is so beautiful, the new masterpiece of Bulgari will allow top watch tasters and enthusiasts to explore the subtleties of the elegant watch series. In 2013, Bvlgari shocked the altar with two sophisticated timepieces, the Berries Sweet Berry Tourbillon and the Berries Sweet Berry Flying Back Minute Watch. This year, it launched a new and colorful color combination, and is ready to recapture everyone. Fang Xin.

   The Berries Sweet Berries Jumpback Minute Hand Watch is paired with emeralds, while the Berries Sweet Berry Tourbillon is embellished with emeralds or rubies. Both models inherit the style of the Berries sweet berries series of bright colored gems. The brightly cut diamonds surrounding the white mother-of-pearl faceplate are gorgeous and seductive, and become the most eye-catching feature of the watch. Each rare watch subtly combines the world’s unparalleled intricate watchmaking technology with exquisite gemstone craftsmanship. In this way, a variety of ideas are created through watch and jewellery craftsmanship, and they are fully used under the rich and profound tradition of Bulgari.

   The jeweller’s artistic aesthetics adds a touch of vanadium to the watchmaker’s skill. The Berries sweet berry flyback minute hand watch achieves perfect visual harmony with the sheer mineral and mechanical wisdom. This time, the emerald is specially selected, and its Persian language is zamarat, which means ‘heart of stone’, which exudes charming charm. From the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment, its natural greenness symbolizes luxury and power, representing magnificence and extraordinary uniqueness.

Delicately Blooming, Bright And True Meaning Athens Watch Mother’s Day Gift

A woman who used to be gorgeous, beautiful, playful, and soft. Then, she brought new life to the earth, nurtured, faded, fell into the dust, and grew into the most powerful posture in the universe. Become a mother and teach him to distinguish between beauty and ugliness, good and evil, and create a golden glorious soul for him; guide him, protect him, but not restrain him, and mercifully acquiesce in his wayward love.

   We often write poems for spring, dawn, and the sea. And when we were born blind, we didn’t know that everything in the world has a name. It was the mother who bent down and pointed us one by one.

   Later, we continued our mission and learned to be parents. The first lesson is to teach the baby the same word in all arms of the world: mother.

   May Mother’s Day, fragrance is not strong, bright but not dazzling. Swiss ULYSSE NARDIN highly recommends Yulinglong ladies watches.

   The new jade watch is more ingenious in dial design. Round oval rose gold case surrounded by pavé diamonds. On the soft creamy white mother-of-pearl dial, the hollow hands are light and elegant, and the digital hour markers are presented in a gradient size, with unique charm, such as time passing and the charm will last forever.

   A beautiful curve formed by finely divided diamonds, which is like a beautiful and charming, not only adds a subtle and agile posture to the dial, but also subtly divides the small second area, which becomes another highlight of watch design.

   The Yulinglong ladies watch is equipped with ULYSSE NARDIN’s self-developed UN-310 self-winding movement specially designed for women. With extraordinary watchmaking craftsmanship and design inspiration, female customers appreciate the unique charm of ULYSSE NARDIN. The small hands at 2 o’clock on the dial can point to three diamonds of different sizes on the dial, which respectively represent different functions: winding the movement, adjusting the date back and forth, and setting the time. By pressing the button at the 4 o’clock position of the lower case, you can control the small hand to point to different diamonds, thereby completing the time adjustment, and the operation is extremely simple and convenient. Different from other ordinary wristwatches, the crown needs to be opened, and the women’s nails are cared for intimately, showing the care and respect of women by ULYSSE NARDIN from the details.

   The years are flowing and timeless. ULYSSE NARDIN Jade Lady’s watch, a tribute to the mother of time.

Technical Information
Model 3106-125BC / 591
Movement UN-310
Silicon escapement
41 gems
Power reserve approx. 48 hours
Winding method Mechanical automatic winding movement
Functions Hour, minute, small seconds display
Date display at 6 o’clock, date can be quickly adjusted forward and backward
Simple selection of winding and setting of date and time via the button at 4 o’clock
Dial White mother-of-pearl diamond dial
Bezel Diamond Bezel
Crown Diamond Crown
18K rose gold button
Size 36 mm x 39 mm
Water-resistant to 30 meters
Strap white crocodile leather