Citizen Super Sky Eagle Flying Basel

The 36th Basel World Watch & Jewellery Fair was held in Basel, Switzerland from April 3rd to 10th, 2008. Citizen, a global leading watch brand, launched a number of new products in the light of kinetic energy at this exhibition. . These new products reflect brand-new concepts and values ​​in both design and technology, making visitors refreshed.
  Citizen Timepiece Co., Ltd. announced at Baselworld 2007 that it has completed the optimization and integration of the company’s internal organizational structure. The optimized organizational structure enables the product research and development, production, marketing and other departments to better organically cooperate and respond fastest Market demand, and announced that by 2008, 80% of the company’s products will be light kinetic energy products. In 2008, this goal has been basically achieved. At the same time, the Citizen Company proposed a slogan: ‘Citizen New Field.’
  Mr. Nagai Nagai, President of Citizen Timepiece Co., Ltd., introduced: ‘The new field of Citizen’ embodies the company’s vision-‘creating value.’ ‘This is the long-term goal of Citizen, and we will work steadfastly for this goal every year. We must make full use of the technical expertise and product research and development advantages accumulated over the years to develop Citizen’s unique products. With our own With comprehensive comprehensive strength in watch manufacturing, we will strive for greater market share. ‘
  At the Baselworld 2008, many new products exhibited by Citizen are undoubtedly the best interpretation of the spirit of ‘Citizen’s New Field’. They are the core of ‘creating value’-high-end solar-powered watches, and fully reflect The purpose of product development of Citizen has always been ‘the fusion of technology and beauty’
  Eco-Drive Super Chronometer, this is the first Eco-Drive watch specially designed for motorsports. It can achieve 1/1000 second timing, can record the results of 20 stages, and can calculate the speed (depending on the use of kilometers or Miles as a unit of measurement). From the appearance design, no matter the design of the dial, the bezel, or the design of the buttons, it reflects a strong sports style. When the time starts, the hands move at high speed, and the numbers on the LED display flash rapidly, allowing users to experience the irresistible passion and sense of speed. The watch also features world time and calendar functions, with time in 43 cities. When the timer function is not used, the world time or date can be displayed through the LED screen. The movement used in this product has the function of saving energy for 4 years.
  Solar kinetic energy calendar, this is another breakthrough and innovation in the history of Citizen Solar kinetic energy watch development. This series of watches has changed the way that the visible light source is absorbed by the dial and converted into energy to drive the watch’s operation. It has successfully realized the absorption of light through the bezel. Because of this, the series can use the all-metal dial design. The dial of the kinetic watch has more freedom in the future design. The design of the solar-powered calendar series is inspired by the intersection of time and space. This design describes the vast universe through the earth, the moon and the sun. The center of the dial is the earth. The moon phase profit and loss display at 6 o’clock reflects the moon, the date display at 12 o’clock reflects the sun, and the week and month are displayed at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock, respectively. The multi-layered metal dial design is full of depth, as if the universe extends here, symbolizing the movement of celestial bodies.
  Citizen introduced many new products at the Basel Clock & Watch Fair, such as aerodynamic chronograph with asymmetric dial design, large double-window display, bezel-mounted perpetual calendar with black diamonds, elegant diamond-studded ribbon Women’s watches with kinetic energy waves, dials using Japan’s carbon fiber light kinetic energy radio wave diving watches, etc., are all amazed by the industry. The most interesting one is undoubtedly the Citizen Super Air Eagle.
  Citizen launched the Super Air Eagle for the first time at the Baselworld 2007. After the completion of the China Standard Time Radio Tower in July 2007, it began to develop and test new movements, including the reception of radio signals in China. Basel exhibited for the first time in 2008. The product will be released globally simultaneously and will be available in China this summer.
  The Citizen Super Air Eagle light kinetic wave watch can receive radio signals in multiple rounds, with world time function (43 cities). When traveling across time zones, after the wearer selects the name of the city in which he is located, the watch will automatically receive the local standard time signal (US, Europe, China, and Japan) and adjust to the local time. The pointer display and LED display can be freely converted into local time or remote time according to the wearer’s wishes. This watch also has local time alarm and off-site time alarm function to meet the needs of those who often need to communicate with foreign countries. In addition, it also has international coordination, solar power saving 3.5 years, stopwatch timing, power display and many more Features. The design of the dial adopts bold black and white contrast, without losing passion in calmness. The strap is made of titanium alloy. The matte metal color is low-key and luxurious, and it is more lightweight and wear-resistant.