Remember The Precious And Precious Moment – Mother’s Day Gift Collection

Mother devoted her youth, appearance and life to us in the passage of time. Each time the hour hand and minute hand staggered, she witnessed that she had children and mothers, and worked half-life. On a warm day like Mother’s Day, a taste of love burst into the air. People always want to keep precious memories forever and always remember them when they recall them. Selecting gifts on special days and dedicating them to your loved ones gives her a unique charm and shines. The years go by, only love eternal.
As a symbol of perfection in a rapidly changing world, the 184-year-old Swiss watchmaker Baume & Mercier makes all precious and affectionate moments spent with our loved ones permanent. As a close companion of precious moments in life, Baume & Mercier watches are willing to share precious happiness and every moment with every wearer at a price that is close to the people and elegant and generous design, and offer infinite touch to the brand proponents. This is the best interpretation of the brand’s motto: ‘Cohesive precious moments.’

 Baume & Mercier watch is regarded as a testimony of an important anniversary in life. In 2014, Baume & Mercier launched a new elegant work of the Clayton series with a diameter of 30 mm, which fully reflects the brand’s design aesthetics. The new series of watches adopts simple and elegant geometric shapes, and the compact design of 30 mm fits the wrist more perfectly. It perfectly integrates with the noble and elegant temperament of women, and accompanies them to shine on various occasions, adding highlights to important moments of life.

 Vibrant and charming, the aesthetic design is slightly ‘retro’. This Critton series 30mm polished / satin-finished stainless steel watch is specially designed for slim wrists. The sun-satin-finished silver dial with gold-plated engraving and Arabic numerals, a date window at three o’clock, a simple and solemn temperament, is an ideal companion for all occasions. The watch is powered by a quartz movement and is water-resistant to 50 meters. The polished / satin-finished steel bracelet is suitable for all-day wear. Such a simple and elegant, full-featured watch unreservedly conveys gratitude to the mother, and its affordable price is the first choice for exquisite gifts.
Retail price: 16,300 yuan

 The design of this watch was inspired by a classic timepiece made in the 1950s. The mother-of-pearl dial is engraved with 10 diamonds (total weight 0.06 carats), which represents the child’s deep love for her mother, making the Critton series 30 mm quartz movement watch even more precious, shining brightly on the wrist Bloom. Whether it is simple and solemn or luxurious, it can perfectly complement this watch. The watch is well-balanced, with a stainless steel bracelet, polished and satin-finished alternately, shining soft light. With its noble and elegant design and timeless classic style, this watch integrates the wearer’s charming vitality into timeless elegance.
Retail price: 20,100 yuan

About Baume & Mercier

 Baume & Mercier, a Swiss haute horlogerie brand founded in 1830, has always been committed to creating watches of exceptional quality and restrained luxury. Today, the brand’s core collections are the classic and timeless Clifton, the exquisite and charming Linea, the dynamic and elegant Capeland, the harmonious and elegant Hampton, and the timeless and healthy Ke Classima. Baume & Mercier’s motto is Life is aboutmoments, which perfectly conveys the brand’s values ​​of joy, sharing and endurance. Baume & Mercier watches will become the most unique and intimate companions of precious moments in life, sharing warmth such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation ceremonies, first employment or family gatherings.

Hermes Launches Arceau Astrologie Nouvelle Limited Watch

The Arceau series was born in 1978 and was created by Henrid’Origny. Today, Hermès showcases its expertise in fine wood inlay with an ArceauAstrologieNouvelle watch. This watch features a delicate white gold case with asymmetrical stirrup-shaped lugs and a dial made of tulip wood, inspired by the Astrologie Nouvelle scarf. In 2012, CyrilleDiatkine gave AstrologieNouvelle silk scarf a new interpretation. The designer integrates it with modern style, breaking and reorganizing the original pattern to form an ‘orderly chaos’, showing the rhythm and rhythm of the flow of time.

   In order to present this astrological theme on the dial, Hermes craftsmen first miniaturized the pattern. Then, they strictly selected the type and color of the expression medium, and finally chose tulip wood. This native North American tree is also known as the ‘North American Goose Boxwood’ or Virginia Liriodendron (its type of flower and large green-yellow tulip). Its precious core changes color over time, from white to deep. Blue.

   Therefore, the wood’s hue and delicate and clear texture are close to the original design, which also perfectly meets the needs of fine wood inlaying. The artisans first cut out the many tiny elements that make up the pattern, then assemble them like a puzzle, glue them in place, and finally sand and paint. Creating a dial requires strict discipline, plenty of patience and dexterous manual work, and it takes up to three weeks, each one is unique.

   Hermes Arceau Astrologie Nouvelle watch is limited to 8 pieces, in a 41 mm white gold case with a matte black alligator leather strap. The hour and minute hands are driven by Hermès’ self-winding movement, while the case, dial and strap are also manufactured in strict accordance with the brand’s professional technical specifications. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)