The Field Of Continuous Innovation Hublot King Extreme Watch Recommended

Hublot, founded in 1980, can be regarded as an emerging brand. It can achieve today’s achievements in just 33 years. It has to be said that this is one of the watches. Growth miracle. This is not only because of the excellent watchmaking technology and the choice of materials that break the tradition, but also has a lot to do with the brand’s temperament. As one of the members of the Kings Extreme series introduced today has this super high performance, let us enjoy this 706.0M.1180.RX watch together.
Hublot’s subversive watchmaking materials set off a revolution in the watch industry. Magic gold, green sapphire, king gold, ceramic alloy, zirconium, andalusite … A large number of novel materials are used in watches, adopting unique aesthetic concepts Interpretation of watch art. The case of the 706.0M.1180.RX watch breaks through the traditional single material. It is matched with 18k rose gold and black ceramics to perfectly present the elegant and luxurious texture of precious metals. At the same time, the ceramic on the bezel is micro-blasted. Anti-scratch, anti-sensitivity, light texture and other characteristics are used by a large number of brands, the strap is made of black natural rubber material, mild and flexible texture, durable, corrosion-resistant and water-absorbing, is ideal for travel and adventure watches. The six black PVD-coated H-shaped embossed titanium screws on the bezel are unique and have become a major symbol of Hublot. The crown part has this black natural rubber insert, covered with black PVD coating, the body is made of 18k rose gold, with the HUBLOT logo. The layout of the panel is compact, complex and unique. Each module has its own independent area, and because of the hollowed-out movement design, the internal structure can be seen at a glance, which has a great fun. The 48 mm large-diameter radiant atmosphere highlights the charm of men.

 The Hublot King 706.0M.1180.RX watch has very complicated functions: dual time zone display, tourbillon, flyback date indicator. The dial at 2 o’clock shows the time in the second time zone, the tourbillon at 5 o’clock and the flyback date display at 8 o’clock. The concept of time zone is a breakthrough innovation for watches. When world time was announced to be divided into 24 time zones, watchmakers couldn’t wait to put the time zone function on the watch, and more people traveled across time zones. One option, at the same time, the watchmaking industry has been further developed. The functions of the two places exist in a large number of functional watches. Especially in the era of convenient transportation, cross-time zones are already very common, so this function has become one of the most practical functions. Not to mention the tourbillon, it is the most complex escapement system in the watchmaking industry and one of the most sophisticated designs. The tourbillon module requires more than 100 parts, and each part needs to be carefully polished and Testing to improve travel time accuracy. In the current watch industry, the tourbillon has long been not a necessity, and the improvement of the precision of other components can also achieve the corresponding effect. Therefore, the tourbillon has more and has appreciation and craft value. The flyback date indicator is also full of fun. At the end of the month, table friends can appreciate that the pointer automatically jumps back to the 1 position at 31, indicating that the next month has begun. All of these functions are very interesting. Of course, this is not its only feature. It also has a hollow design. In the strict sense, this is no longer a function, but the hollow represents a very high watchmaking process and has a very high level. Collection value.
The Hublot King 706.0M.1180.RX watch adopts the Hublot HUB 6121 manual winding mechanical movement, which has been partially skeletonized. It has a tourbillon, 24-hour dual time zone, date dial function, and a diameter of 35.6 mm. The thickness of 6.9 millimeters is enough to illustrate its complexity. It has a total of 278 components and 30 gems. The main splint is polished by mercerizing, and the bridge is polished and mercerized by chamfering. Each detail is fully refined and beautiful While improving performance. The tourbillon’s oscillation system uses a cardless balance spring, even if the power is insufficient, it will not affect the accuracy of its travel time. A high power reserve of 90 hours requires a clockwork box with a stronger spring and a stable energy output. Therefore, the HUB 6121 movement is a high-quality top-level movement, and it is also a classic of the tourbillon movement in the Hublot brand.
 The Hublot King Extreme Series 706.0M.1180.RX watch is a high-quality, high-value watch, a classic work of the brand’s complex functions. Its characteristics are: 18k rose gold, black micro-blasted ceramic The perfect combination with black natural rubber material creates an extraordinary case; the hollow design shows complex and delicate watchmaking technology, so that the complex functional structure can be seen at a glance, and the tourbillon, flyback date and 24-hour dual time zone functions are combined together. The watch uses the HUB 6121 manual winding mechanical movement, which is specially made for the tourbillon dual time zone function watch. After the brand’s very meticulous and rigorous details, it has a high technological value. The HUB 6121 movement of the flywheel escapement system is very accurate in travel time. It is equipped with a cardless hairspring, which makes the overall performance stable and efficient. It also has a 90-hour dynamic storage, which is the best in the movement.
Hublot 706.0M.1180.RX watch has its own innovation and understanding in the fields of watchmaking materials, movement development, aesthetic design and other fields. It is a very creative and breakthrough model in the world’s top timepieces.
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