The Elves Of The Wrist Perform Like Fire Years Tissot Flamenco Series Sentimental Giant Offering

Time is an intertwining rhythm and enthusiasm. The Swiss brand Tissot, which has more than 160 years of watchmaking history, launched the Tissot at the 2015 Basel Watch Show in order to return to personality and inspire the most charming posture of women. Flamingo women’s watches make women elegant on every side. Originating from passionate flamenco dance, women’s power beauty, elegant beauty and unique inner force continue into the overall design of the watch, creating a new series of smooth lines, natural and natural, but slender but not losing strength. The entire watch uses a 316L stainless steel strap, which interprets the feminine beauty in the light and shadow, and also reveals a paranoid and stubborn, with a sparkling white mother-of-pearl dial, like a dancer in a beard , I refuse to whitewash outside, simple but not simple.

Tissot Flamenco Collection-Front View
No fandai, outline other shaohua
  Tissot Flamenco series watches use fashionable and slim accessories to create an elegant and smooth appearance design. It looks like fluttering skirts, free and unrestrained, and is full of dynamic beauty. For women who like sports and admire exquisite life, , Tissot Flamenco series will be their favorite choice. At the same time, the movable lugs and elegant beauty create the luxury and elegance of jewelry accessories. The eye-catching dial design is complemented by rich and luxurious details, always paying tribute to the simple and original design. Other models have a patent leather strap with a butterfly buckle, or a stainless steel strap with a butterfly buckle, a bold neutral color combination of gold and silver, a unique style, extraordinary style, no need to say a word, no complicated decoration comes from me , Noble and elegant. Put on everyday wear, pull on your girlfriends, a lively and pleasant, a handsome and smart, quick action, beating your wrists.

Other Tissot Flamenco watches-front view

Other Tissot Flamenco watches-front view
Carved out of details
   The dial of the Tissot Flamenco series watch is very eye-catching. Not only is this wrist watch fully functional, but it is also rich in luxurious details. Some models are equipped with a dazzling mother-of-pearl dial, which can not only enhance the charm of the evening assembly. , Can also add a delicate breath to the daytime outfits on rest days. The crown of the watch is made of a smooth, facet-free hemispherical gemstone, crystal clear, and rests on the refined and smooth bezel lines, polished to make it shine. The diamond is as dazzling as the starlight, set off the vastness of the ‘moon color’, and makes the joy in the heart dance. The splendor of the refraction is a blessing to the bright future. All kinds of exquisite details make the Tissot Flamenco women’s watch not only an elegant timepiece, but also an exquisite work of art. At any time, a classic Tissot Flamingo watch is born without wisdom, fulfilling your perfect woman dream.

Tissot Flamenco Collection-Side View
   The fashion trend is constantly moving forward, bring this magic Tissot Flamingo watch, liberate the heart, rigid and soft, elegant and tough, to be a new generation of trendy women!
Technical Parameters:
-Made in Switzerland
-Quartz movement
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-316L stainless steel case
-Water-resistant to withstand pressure equivalent to 3 bar (30 m / 100 ft)
-Some models have a mother-of-pearl dial
-Patent leather strap with butterfly clasp or stainless steel strap with butterfly clasp
Suggested retail price: New products to be determined

How To Reduce The Burden On Your Wrist

Mobile phones must be thin, computers must be thin, condoms must be thin, and watches must also be thin. Spring off your wrists.

Piaget Altiplano skeleton ultra-thin watch
Thickness 5.34mm
Movement automatic winding skeleton
Movement diameter 38mm
This world’s thinnest self-winding skeletonized watch, with absolute contemporary style and fine structure, takes the art of skeletonization to a whole new level. It is equipped with Piaget’s self-made 1200S, the world’s thinnest hollow-out automatic winding movement (thickness of 2.40mm), a unique platinum automatic oscillating weight, 21,600 vibrations per hour, and a power reserve of about 44 hours. Black token hands, 18K white gold folding clasp, and black alligator strap.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Slim Skeleton Watch
Thickness 8.1mm
Movement automatic winding skeleton
Machine diameter 39mm
厂 The manufacturer’s self-made 5222 self-winding ultra-thin movement is equipped with this 2012 Royal Oak Anniversary Slim Skeleton Watch. This movement, which has a thickness of only 3.05mm, is completely hollowed out, even the overhanging barrel. The octagonal bezel and eight polished hexagonal screws are made of platinum, and the case back is fixed by eight embedded nuts. The waterproof rubber ring at the junction between the bezel and the case is inspired by the diver’s mask and is also a feature of the Royal Oak series.

Radar True Thinline
Thickness 5mm
Movement Quartz
Machine diameter 39mm
Radar True Thinline true series watch adopts high-tech ceramic material, which can quickly adapt to the characteristics of temperature changes. Whether it is cold outdoors, warm indoors, dynamic sports, or business meetings, you can calmly cope. Excellent comfort and a wipe-and-clean surface designed for perspiration make it a great outfit for competitive sports. Radar True Thinline ultra-thin watches in a total of 20 watches of different sizes, colors and textures.

Cartier blue balloon series ultra-thin watch
Thickness 7.05mm
Movement manual winding mechanism
Movement diameter 46mm
The ultra-thin body and light texture greatly enhance the fit between the watch and the wrist, creating the best experience for the wearer. Cartier interprets the elegance of the blue balloon watch series to the extreme. The case is made of rose gold, white gold and platinum. Among them, the rose gold and white gold models are decorated with a silver carved dial, which is elegant and delicate; the platinum models are lined with a dark blue dial, which hides an endless future.

Choose thin and light watch
Thin and light standard
The movement of the watch is thin and light within 5mm. Manually wound watch movements are around 2mm, automatic winding movements controlled within 5mm are light and thin. Complication movements are outside this range.
The thinner the more 型
Slim watches are more practical for business people who often wear shirts. It won’t get stuck in the shirt cuff like other watches because it can be easily hidden in the shirt cuff.

Lightest and most comfortable
Heavy and complicated precious metal watches are a distressing thing for those who wear them for a long time. Wearing an overweight watch for a long time can cause poor blood circulation and leave marks on the wrist.
Extreme craftsmanship
Ultra-thin watches are more technically difficult to produce than ordinary watches. It is a very technical task for watchmakers to meet the same functional requirements on smaller space devices. Not all watchmakers can make ultra-thin watches.