Lev Tolstoy, Montblanc Grand Literary Series Pays Tribute To The Russian Master Of Realism And The Representative Of World Literature

Since 1992, Montblanc has launched the Dawenhao series of writing instruments every year to commemorate the legendary life and outstanding contributions of the greatest writers in history. In 2015, Montblanc paid tribute to the Russian realist who created the epic literary masterpieces ‘War and Peace’ and ‘Anna Kalenina’ with a limited edition writing instrument from the Lev Tolstoy series. In the life of Count Lev Tolstoy (1828-1910), in addition to writing the most important novels in the history of literature, he was also committed to the pursuit of human morality and the meaning of life. With accurate and profound descriptions of human emotions and vivid narrative methods, Lev Tolstoy became famous and quickly became a landmark in Russian realist literature. But his steps don’t stop there. In addition to his creation, this great writer was an outstanding thinker, devoted to the nonviolent struggle against capitalists, unequal slavery, and the dictatorship of the church and the country. His extensive influence among readers has even aroused the tsar’s vigilance and strengthened the monitoring and censorship of his articles on religious and social criticism. In addition to leaving a valuable literary legacy, Lev Tolstoy also proposed the concept of free compulsory education and built many schools to improve the educational level of the rural population. To this end, he also created a monthly magazine and personally The author promotes free compulsory education.

Dawenhao Series Lev Tolstoy Writing Instruments: Minimalism of Life
 Lev Tolstoy was born in the Yasnaya-Polyana estate. He and his wife and children lived there even after they were married. In the idyllic countryside, he has always been adhering to the farmer’s simple and happy life. Montblanc literary series Lev Tolstoy’s limited edition writing instruments are also inspired by this. The minimalism he advocates is perfectly interpreted in the shape and design of the writing instrument’s pen body.

 A closer look from the top of the pen cap reveals that its shape borrows from the pillars standing at the entrance of the Yasnaya-Polyana estate. The top of the cap is inlaid with a black and white resin hexagonal star sign. The signature of this great writer is engraved on the side of the cap. A rhodium-plated 750-gold gold nib is engraved with a shield emblem that symbolizes the Russian nobility. Stuart’s distinguished background and his importance to the family. The silver-plated pen body is made by hand, and in detail, Tolstoy’s life attitude of self-cultivating in the countryside.

 Montblanc literary series Lev Tolstoy writing instruments are also extremely sophisticated in color picking and patterning—dark gray precious resin caps, blue marble resin conical platinum-plated accessories, and color elements are derived from Lev Tolstoy The cover of Thai’s first work and the study decoration that accompanied him to complete most important works. The cap is also decorated with a unique pattern, which is exactly the same as the woven pattern on the traditional Russian blouse. The blouse can be seen everywhere on the local farmer. Tolstoy, who has been indulging in idyllic life, has also made one. Today, this pattern is used in Above the design, it further interprets a simple and pure minimalist style.

 Like all Montblanc literary writing instruments, Lev Tolstoy writing instruments are limited to 9,000 ink pens, 12,000 ballpoint pens and 7000 signature pens, and limited writing sets (ink pens, ballpoint pens or signature pens, mechanical pencils). 1600 sets. Each writing instrument’s cap is engraved with a unique number, symbolizing that each piece is unique.
Limited Edition 1868: Tolstoy’s ‘Happy’ Secrets
 1868 has an extraordinary significance to Lev Tolstoy. Its legendary work ‘War and Peace’ was first published in 1868. Therefore, Montblanc specially launched a limited edition 1868 writing instrument. The noble golden pen body and the carefully polished bright mirror surface, coupled with the elegant blue lacquered surface, are designed to reflect Tolstoy’s spirit of self-cultivation on the land. The ears of wheat engraved on the inside of the cap symbolize the aristocratic politics of the Tsarist Russian era, which is also a recurring theme in works such as Anna Kalenina and War and Peace. In addition to drawing inspiration from Tolstoy’s life and works, the wooden cone design on this writing instrument is also closely related to the spiritual home of Lev Tolstoy-the Yasnaya-Polyana estate The connection, and there, is also his resting place. There is also a precious malachite inlaid on the top of the cap, symbolizing the ‘green branch’ legend that affected Tolstoy’s life: when he was a little boy, his brother Nicholas told him that there was only one secret to make The world is always happy, free from war and suffering. The secret was written on a green branch and buried in the Yasnaya-Polyana estate. This story is deeply imprinted in the mind of Lev Tolstoy. Therefore, in his later years, Tolstoy’s requirements for the aftermath were simple. He only wanted to use simple wooden coffins, but he must be buried in the place where the green branches were buried. So his family buried Tolstoy among the centuries-old trees in the manor according to his last wishes.
 The Montblanc literary series Lev Tolstoy’s writing instruments are commemorated not only by the great writer, but also literary works of unparalleled significance to this day. , It is also the enthusiasm for its legendary life, which is shaped by its important social influence and philosophical ideas. This spirit has also infected subsequent philanthropists and humanitarians to continue to work for equality and justice among people. . Montblanc Dawenhao series Lev Tolstoy writing instruments will be available at all Montblanc boutiques worldwide from August 1, 2015. For more information, please visit www.montblanc.com .

Charming Little Three Pins

Among the watches, there is a design called ‘small three-hand’, which is to add a disc on the dial to indicate the seconds. The use of the small three hands not only enriches the dial, but also makes people feel more agile and unique. Today, the Watch House recommends three watches with small three-pin design.
Tissot LE LOCLE AUTOMATIC T006.428.36.058.00

Watch model: T006.428.36.058.00
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Watch model: H78465553
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Watch model: M8608.3.13.4
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Case material: stainless steel gold-plated
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Watch details: mido / 30501 /
Watch Reviews: This Mido watch has a simple design and elegant style. The watch uses a stainless steel gold-plated case with a diameter of 38 mm and a thickness of 11.10 mm. It is equipped with a 38-hour automatic mechanical movement. The watch is set with hour markers on the dark grey dial, with a date display at three o’clock, and a small seconds dial at six o’clock, covered by a sapphire crystal. The watch is equipped with a black leather strap and a stainless steel gold-plated buckle. The watch is water-resistant to 50 meters and has a back case.
Summary: The three watches recommended for everyone today are designed with a small three-pin design, and the watch has no complicated functions. However, there are also differences in design. The design is exquisite, especially the design of the small three-pin. It is simple but not stiff, elegant and gorgeous, with other charming characteristics. The three watches are priced at around seven or eight thousand, which is worth starting.