Breitlingblue And White Romantic Winter Day

Breitling, a famous Swiss watch maker, presents Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day romance in the winter romance-a unique blue watch paired with a noble and pure silver and white watch to create a stylish style for couples: Navitimer 1461 chronograph wrist Watches and Montbrillant 01 chronographs; Transocean Chronograph QP chronographs and Transocean Chronograph 38 chronographs and BREITLING for BENTLEY GMT chronographs and BREITLING for BENTLEY GT pure ice chronographs with diamond versions, allowing the wearer to raise hands Interpretation of the extraordinary tacit understanding between lovers, with time as the eternal imprint of the exclusive memory of lovers.

For Him: Navitimer 1461 Chronograph

 The Navitimer 1461 Chronograph is unique in appearance and breakthroughly equipped with a complex leap year calendar system, which only needs to be adjusted every four years (that is, 1461 days). Three small dials display the date, day of the week, and month, respectively, and the moon phase display window forms a complete calendar function. The elegant and chic Aurora blue dial, combined with the stylish and charming dark blue alligator leather strap, completes the overall color design. The case is equipped with its own Breitling movement composed of 450 parts, which is accurate and reliable, and equipped with a two-way rotating bezel to ensure the convenient operation of the famous circular flight slider.

 Navitimer 1461 chronograph

For Her: Montbrillant 01 Chronograph

 The Montbrillant 01 chronograph watch has the self-winding chronograph 01 movement developed by Breitling, which is accurate, reliable and excellent in performance. Exclusive circular flying ruler, retro 18K gold ‘B’ logo, classic 1 / 100-hour graduated center timer, every carefully crafted detail pays tribute to the legends of the 1940s and 1950s. A polished stainless steel case and a calm brown strap surround the wrist, with slim hands and three-dimensional hour-markers on the water-silver dial, adding elegance and charm.

                      Montbrillant 01 Chronograph

For Him: Transocean Chronograph QP

 Chronograph QP chronograph with precision movement has a sophisticated and complex perpetual calendar system, which can automatically calculate the different days of each month and February 29, which only appears in leap years. It can also continuously and accurately display the date, week, week number, and month , Season, leap year cycle and moon phase, equipped with timekeeping function, inheriting the spirit of transoceanic ocean for more than half a century with BREITLING, a new interpretation of the extraordinary charm of time and travel. The case is made of 18K red gold with a unique dark blue crocodile leather strap, which contrasts with the midnight blue dial, adding a sense of luxury and mystery under the toughness.

                   Transocean Chronograph QP

For Her: Transocean Chronograph 38

 The Transocean Chronograph 38, a classic design with a simple and gorgeous style, reinterprets the unique style and elegance. The exquisite 38 mm surface perfectly fits the woman’s slender wrist. The silver-white dial is embossed with three-dimensional hour indexes and decorated with ‘Snail’ recessed timer, double cumulative timer symmetrical and elegant design. The 18K red gold case and the retro 18K gold ‘B’ logo, paired with a gold alligator leather strap and a self-winding chronograph movement certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), are extremely precise and distinguished.

 Transocean Chronograph 38

For Him: BREITLING for BENTLEY GMT Chronograph

 The pinnacle of modern British style and exquisite Swiss craftsmanship, the BREITLING for BENTLEY GMT chronograph watch stands out with its asymmetrical design of the lugs and case and bracelet. Equipped with an exclusive ’30-second timekeeping’ system and a multi-country time zone display system, the world time is cleverly concentrated on the wrist. The fascinating Neptune blue dial is decorated with three-dimensional numbers, hour markers and a ring-shaped cumulative timer, inspired by the design of the dashboard of the BENTLEY car. The dynamic and exquisite appearance and distinguished and extravagant luxurious style fully demonstrate the noble style of the British, and have achieved a model of cooperation between top watches and luxury car brands.

                    BREITLING for BENTLEY GMT

For Her: BREITLING for BENTLEY GT Pure Ice Chronograph Diamond Set

 The BREITLING for BENTLEY GT Pure Ice Chronograph Diamond Edition uses BENTLEY’s unique pure ice color. The finely crafted steel diamond case is paired with an ice-white diamond dial and rubber strap. The bright diamonds reflect the dazzling light. , Showing pure winter romance. Equipped with the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC) BREITLING 13B self-winding chronograph movement, equipped with dual date and day display windows and a variable speedometer, combining the elegant atmosphere of the British aristocracy with the exquisite craftsmanship of Swiss watchmaking, exquisite and delicate .

                 BREITLING for BENTLEY GT Ice Diamond