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This year coincides with the 60th anniversary of the SEIKO automatic mechanical watch, so SEIKO takes the first domestic watch “Laurel” produced in 1913 as the design inspiration and launches many commemorative models, including Presage Enamel watches, lacquer watches, design taste models, and Premier series fashion mechanical watches, not only meet the basic needs of users ‘exquisite, practical’ in design, but also through professional skills A show of Japanese traditional craftsmanship aesthetics.

60th Anniversary of SEIKO Automatic Mechanical Watch Exclusive Exclusive Collection

In 1913, SEIKO launched the first domestic watch ‘Laurel’

The mechanical limited editions launched this time-both the enamel and lacquered models are equipped with the 8R48 movement. The movement of the chronograph uses a ‘guide wheel’, which can truly feel the solid feel of the operation; and the ‘vertical clutch’ allows the timing The stopwatch is less prone to pointer misalignment or jumping under the start or stop state, and has better impact resistance. It is also equipped with SEIKO’s exclusive technology ‘Triple Zero Return Hammer’ to make the timing mechanism more accurate and reach absolute Best timing. At the same time, this model is a classic black and white model that echoes Laurel’s appearance, and applauds the 60th anniversary of the automatic mechanical watch.

Japanese enamel staff Mr. Yokosawa, carefully inspect the face plate, expecting that each model can deliver a soft gloss and warm texture

The enamel model ‘SRQ019J1’ has a unique luster on the dial after high temperature calcination in the kiln.

In addition to watchmaking, SEIKO also focuses on combining Japanese traditional cultural characteristics. Through the extreme craftsmanship of enamel and lacquer, it transcends the time limit and displays the beauty of ancient and exquisite craftsmanship. However, because enamel is easily affected by weather and humidity, and the thickness of enamel is not easy to grasp, enamel has become synonymous with advanced technology. The enamel model ‘SRQ019J1’ created by the enamel process was evenly covered with glaze by the Japanese staffer Mitsuru Yokozawa on a surface of only 3 cm, and then placed in a kiln for high temperature calcination, which made the dial unique. Soft and lustrous, lasts for hundreds of years without dying. In addition to engraving Laurel models with complex techniques such as enamel, the design also incorporates the classic design of classic red 12 and gray-blue hands with sharp contrast to the surface, making the taste of the wrist even more artistic.

A well-known Japanese master of lacquer art, Mr. Ichimura Tamura, presents exquisite beauty with extremely delicate artistic techniques

The lacquer art models need to undergo repeated coloring and polishing processes to show a deep gloss ‘SRQ021J1’

In addition, since 2010, SEIKO has collaborated with Isshu Tamura, a well-known Japanese master of lacquer art, to continuously introduce unique lacquer art dial models. The traditional lacquer art methods can not only make the surface gloss deep, but also It exhibits a texture that is difficult to achieve by general coloring methods. The lacquer art watch face plate is extremely time-consuming to work. The smoothness of the metal surface must be destroyed by grinding. The ‘painting’ action after the primer is divided into ‘under coating’, ‘middle coating’ and ‘top coating’ Three layers can be completed through repeated operations of coloring, sanding, and recoloring, and proceed to the next step. Each process has to go through iterative processes, and it takes two weeks to apply the coating alone, so as to create the deep luster and delicate texture of the dial. The black dial is equipped with contrasting silver hour markers and white hands. A touch of red at the tip of the hands injects new power into the deep black tone and presents exquisite beauty.

Equipped with a 6R27 mechanical watch, expressing the exquisite craftsmanship of the mechanical watch. SPB041J1

In addition to traditional enamel models and lacquered watches, SEIKO also launched Presage’s design-rich ‘SPB039J1’ and ‘SPB041J1’, equipped with a 6R27 mechanical movement, a dark and stable alligator leather strap, and a sapphire crystal. A classic mechanical watch with automatic bracelet and power reserve of about 50 hours, showing the noble and elegant texture of the watch, conveying Japanese craftsmanship aesthetics.

Premier mechanical watch-SSA319J1

Premier mechanical watch-SSA321J1

Premier mechanical watch-SSA324J1

Another eye-catching focus is the Premier series, a gentleman’s watch series of SEIKO, which stands out with its modern and elegant design style. The silver and white advertising models ‘SSA319J1’, the stylish silver black ‘SSA321J1’ and the textured black gold ‘SSA324J1’ are launched this year. They are full of refined texture and match the retro style. Then, through the open-core hollow face plate, the superb craftsmanship is shown, which makes the mechanical watch dynamic. On the surface. The stylish Roman font hour markers and three-dimensional scales, and the sharp contrast between the color of the hands and the surface and the fine diamond grain texture, show the collector’s ultimate male taste.

Soft And Charming Tasting King Of Heaven Series Ls3661tp Ladies Watch

Tianwang Watch, a watch brand under the Hong Kong Shijibao Group, uses the crown shape as the brand logo. After more than 20 years of development, it has become one of the most well-known watch brands in the domestic watch industry. Today I want to introduce to you the King of the Kings series LS3661TP.
   The watch case is made of stainless steel, the ears are inlaid with electric rose gold, the ends are set with purple blue zircon, the stainless steel crown is set with electric blue gold and set with purple blue zircon, screwed to the bottom, and equipped with a sapphire crystal , Water-resistant to 30 meters.
   The white dial is decorated with water ripples in the center. It is indicated by Roman numerals at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock.

   With precise quartz movement, it has the function of chronograph.
   The watch features a stainless steel and gold bracelet with a double-button double-open stainless steel butterfly clasp.
Summarizing: The elegant and chic series of women’s watches with elegant and chic shapes, simple and soft lines, slender and beautiful, elegant and luxurious style, with the perfect combination of oriental women’s fashion and classical charm; interpreting the gentle and delicate connotation of women, allowing modern women to inadvertently bloom in their hands and feet. The charming charm is admirable.