Review Of Chopard’s Shining Oscars Previous Oscar Winners Wearing Chopard Jewelry

Whether classic or avant-garde, the choices made by movie stars reflect their feelings for a particular company. Chopard’s ongoing relationship with the film industry is based on the fusion of courage and loyalty.

 Every year, new stars wear the boutique of this famous Swiss jewellery and watch manufacturer, and those who have seen the charm of Chopard fine jewelry and haute horlogerie still favor them.

 Review of Oscar winners wearing Chopard jewelry:

 Charlize Theron

 In 2004, Oscar’s best actress Charlize Theron wore a pair of Chopard fine jewelry series drop earrings (set with 46 diamonds for 3.8 carats), a checkered diamond bracelet (set with 546 diamonds for 31.89 carats) and a diamond ring. Set with a 4.68 carat marquise-cut diamond in the center

 Hilary Swank

 Hilary Swank, who won the 2005 Oscar for Best Actress for ‘Million Dollar Baby,’ wears a Chopard haute jewellery diamond ring set with a 5.16-carat emerald-cut diamond on both sides with baguette-cut diamonds and a pair of fine platinum diamond Earrings set with 2.13 and 2.16 carat cushion-cut diamonds

 Rachel Weisz

 Dark-haired actress Rachel Weisz won the 2006 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in ‘The Immortal Gardener.’ Two-piece ring set with 2.71-carat rose-cut diamonds, supplemented by 2.69-carat rose-cut diamonds

 Helen Mirren

 2007 Oscar Best Actress Helen Mirren pinned a Chopard High Jewellery Collection brooch with 62 carats of oval Cognac and white diamonds and a flower shape of 55 carats of marquise diamonds behind the dress Bracelet and pair of earrings with 16 carat pear-cut diamonds

 Marion Cotillard

 In 2008, Marion Cotillard won the Oscar for Best Actress for her role in Rose of Life. She wore a Chopard fine jewelry collection with a 64 carat oval champagne diamond necklace and a 106 carat deep, light brown diamond beaded necklace with a 15 carat brilliant-cut diamond ring

 Kate Winslet

 2009 Academy Award for Best Actress Kate Winslet wearing a pair of Chopard Fine Jewelry Platinum Diamond Earrings Set with 28 Carat Pear Cut Diamonds and a 117 Carat Fancy Cut Diamond Bracelet

 Penelope Cruz

 Penelope Cruz, who won the 2009 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in ‘Midnight Barcelona’ wore a Chopard fine jewelry line platinum necklace set with 69 carat cushion-cut diamonds and a radiant 21 carat yellow diamond ring, a pair 11 carat diamond stud earrings and a sparkling diamond bracelet


 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 2010 Mo’Nique wore a pair of Chopard High Jewellery Diamond Earrings consisting of Radiant Bright Cut Yellow and Emerald Cut White Diamonds (17 carats total), a 27 carat princess cut square Yellow Diamond Single Row Gold Bracelet with a Yellow Gold Bracelet Set with Radiant Bright Cut Yellow Diamonds

 Colin Firth

 Colin Firth, who won the 2011 Oscar for Best Actor for his role in ‘The King’s Speech’, wears a Chopard L.U.C XPS platinum watch

 Michel Hazanavicius

 Michel Hazanavicius won the best director award for the critically acclaimed Artist. At the awards site, he wore a Chopard L.U.C. XP Tonneau white gold watch with a crocodile strap and a gold pin buckle.

 Jennifer Lawrence

 Best Actress of the Year 2013 Jennifer Lawrence wore a pair of Chopard haute jewellery white gold diamond earrings set with rose-cut and pear-cut diamonds (12 carats total), 9 carats of round-cut diamonds, and a brilliant long platinum Diamond necklace (73 carats in total), a flower-shaped platinum ring with 6 carat rose-cut diamonds and 2 carat brilliant-cut diamonds, and an Ice Cube white gold diamond ring (4 carats) —- ** *

Athens Maxi Nautical Observatory 2007 Super Yacht Cup Limited Edition

has always been known for its precise nautical timepieces. The Athens watch, which has an exceptional position in the history of professional nautical timepieces, sponsored the 2007 Super Yacht Cup held in Mallorca, Spain this year. Introduced ‘Maxi Marine Observatory Watch-Super Yacht Cup Limited Edition’ in memory. This watch has been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory. It is equipped with a UN-26 automatic movement, a power reserve display at 12 o’clock, and a faceplate that follows the straight configuration of the Athens Marine Observatory Clock used on ships a century ago. It is Athens. Famous classic representative; super large second hand and large date display at 6 o’clock, clear and easy to read. The 41mm case is individually engraved with a screw-in crown, wear-resistant sapphire crystal, and is water-resistant to 200 meters. Maxi Marine Observatory Watch-Super Yacht Cup Limited Edition Limited edition of 25 pieces, 18K rose gold case, with anti-sensitive rubber strap. Mallorca is proud to be able to host the largest yachting cup ever and attract top yachts from all over the world. If all the participating yachts are lined up, it can reach 2 kilometers long. Rarely many yachts gather in Palma Bay, this unprecedented scene must be quite shocking!
Watchmaking history and legend in Athens
     Neuchâtel, the birthplace of the Athenian Watch, is located in Switzerland surrounded by mountains and far from the vast ocean. Watchmakers also have only a vague impression of the ocean, but the ocean is a stage for the Athens nautical clock to flourish. Ulysse Nardin has gained great popularity for its extraordinary technology in clockwork. In 1846, 23-year-old Ulysse Nardin founded the Athenian watch in Le Roque, producing astronomical clocks and complicated pocket watches, and had the opportunity to cooperate with the marine observatory timekeeper expert William Dubois and accumulated valuable experience. Ulysse Nardin’s unparalleled watchmaking craftsmanship became famous and instantly became known internationally. Ulysse Nardin, with his unique commercial vision, understands that to develop the shipping industry, an accurate nautical timepiece is required. At that time, the navigators on ships equipped with sextants depended on the sun and the horizon to determine the azimuth. The only navigational instrument on board was the Athens Navigation Observatory Clock.
     Sailing on the ocean, the difference is almost a thousand miles. A calculation error of only one second on the equator is enough to constitute a deviation of 463 meters. Precise and accurate pilot instruments are the key to mastering life and success. With a two-day or eight-day energy storage display, the Athens Navigation Astronomical Clock can calculate the difference of half a second to accurately calculate the latitude and longitude of the ship at sea. Since 1876, nautical astronomical clocks produced by Athens have been sent to the observatories in Neuchâtel and Geneva for a long time for rigorous testing. The test results prove that the watchmakers and craftsmen of Le Roque can be regarded as the most profound watchmaking technology in the industry pioneer. Athens’s achievements in making nautical chronometers are internationally renowned and highly regarded. At trade and exhibitions around the world, Athens has won more than 4,300 championships and 18 gold medals; the navies of more than 50 countries on five continents all use Athens’ maritime astronomical timepieces as designated professional instruments at sea. . Today, the navigational functions of marine astronomical timepieces and sextants have been replaced by artificial satellites, but Athens’s marine astronomical clocks are still collecting treasures for collectors at high prices. The significance of the Athens Nautical Observatory Clock in human history is unchanged from time to time, and it is timeless.
Technical data
Model: 266-66-3 / 623 SYC
Material: 18K rose gold
Movement: UN-26 movement
Kinetic energy: about 42 hours
Winding: automatic winding
Functions: Swiss official observatory certification (C.O.S.C.) / Power reserve display at 12 o’clock / Oversized second hand at 6 o’clock and enlarged date window
Case: 18K rose gold
Crown: screw-in crown
Table diameter: 41 mm
Water resistance: 200 meters
Surface: wear-resistant sapphire crystal
Chain strap: 18K rose gold component with strong rubber strap

Synonyms Of Time Precious And Elegant Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin is the oldest watch manufacturer in the world. Since its establishment in Geneva in 1755, it has never stopped production. As a comprehensive watch manufacturer, Vacheron Constantin is in complete control of the creation from machinery to movement development, technology to design, and so on. After 243 years of time washing, Vacheron Constantin is now synonymous with ‘time’, and it is an irreplaceable work of art in the eyes of watch lovers. Vacheron Constantin, with a history of 231 years, is the world’s oldest and longest-lasting brand-name watch, producing only more than 20,000 a year. Its dial, like the Swiss national emblem, is already taste and status. And wealth symbol. Beginning with a talented watchmaker
In 1755, the talented young watchmaker Jean-Marc Vacheron founded his first watch studio in the centre of Geneva. Jean-Marc Vacheron is full of curiosity and enthusiasm for human culture. He is always open-minded and constantly develops watchmaking craftsmanship, thus becoming a very successful independent watchmaker in Geneva-Cabinotier. In 1819, the experienced businessman François Constantin cooperated with the descendants of Jean-Marc Vacheron to establish the notable Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin.
Genius join
In 1839, Vacheron Constantin invited Georges-Auguste Leschot as the company’s technical director, and since then rewritten the history of the company and the entire watch industry. Georges-Auguste Leschot is not only a mechanical genius, but also possesses extraordinary vision and rich imagination. He designed the first instrument, the pantograph, which can produce a large number of watch parts in a reproducible and high-volume manner, and brought a revolutionary change to the entire Swiss watch industry. Because before that, clock movements were made of parts independently made by human hands, the handwork of each part was therefore different, resulting in irreplaceable movement parts. The revolutionary invention of Georges-Auguste Leschot changed the entire watchmaking process, greatly shortening the time and improving the efficiency of watchmaking.
A small number of high-priced business strategies
Vacheron Constantin, with a long history, has many years of experience in watchmaking, and has many great classics. However, ‘minimum batch size, best quality, highest selling price’ has always been Vacheron Constantin’s business strategy. Today, Vacheron Constantin produces only 6,000 watches per year at its plant in Geneva. Every watch has a detailed record
Since 1840, the production drawings, records, sales dates and movement case numbers of each watch have been kept intact in the company’s filing cabinet. They combine superior technology, rigorous testing, exquisite craftsmanship and perfect shape to create one after another noble and elegant, amazing and collectible rare classics. In the long years of watchmaking, it has become a symbol of luxury and elegance.
‘Malta Cross’ sign
In 1880, Vacheron Constantin officially registered the ‘Malta Cross’ logo as a company trademark. The ‘Malta Cross’ was originally a small part above the cover of the barrel in the movement. Its role is to prevent the barrel from being over-wound and make the timepiece operate more accurately.
$ 5 million the most expensive watch in the world
Minjiang Stanton’s classic Kallista is the most expensive watch in the world. This watch was made in 1886 and was originally ordered by King Kingalid of Saudi Arabia, but it was sold during the manufacturing period. After the watch was made in 1986, it was bought by an unknown buyer for $ 3.5 million. On December 3, 1987, Harimi changed hands again and was bought on behalf of Piere Halini, the owner of the jewelry store PALM BEACH. Harimi claimed that he had sold for $ 5 million. As a result, Caristelli’s daily appreciation of $ 4,000 spread. Soon, Pierre Harimi brought the world’s most expensive watch into the United States and handed it to an anonymous buyer.
K Kallista watch body strap is set with diamonds, sharing 118 carefully selected top-quality blue and white square diamonds, weighing 130 carats. (The surface is a diamond of 1 carat each; there are 14 diamonds of 2-4 carats on the periphery of the surface, and 2 carats of diamonds are used on the strap). The Vacheron Constantin factory recruited the best technicians to make this watch, and it took 6,000 hours of work for 20 months to make it. ‘Kallista’ means immaculate in Greek, and its finished product is indeed perfect.
Symbol of wealth
为 To celebrate the wedding of British Princess Diana and Prince Charles, the chief of Armenian of the United Arab Emirates ordered Vacheron Constantin one of the most expensive and compact watch ‘Lady Kalla’. This watch is made of 30 carats of 108 column-shaped precious diamonds. Princess Diana wore this watch even more gracefully, and at the same time, it also showed the richness and luxury of Vacheron Constantin to the world.最 The most complicated watch in the world
Tourdel Ile is the most complicated watch ever. It uniquely combines the extraordinary complexity and astronomical functions of the watch, with a total of sixteen different characteristics: minute repeater, sunset time display, perpetual calendar function, second hand time zone, tourbillon design, time difference display, night sky map and so on. This extraordinary movement composed of only 834 parts has been elaborately produced after more than 10,000 hours of research and development by Vacheron Constantin designers, engineers and watchmakers. This series is limited to 7 pieces. Oujiang Shidanton Vertical and Horizontal Series
Overseas Perpetual Calendar Chronograph establishes a new high Athenian style for high-quality sports watches. The Overseas Watch Series is Vacheron Constantin’s only stainless steel product series. However, in 2009, the self-brand launched a combination of stainless steel and titanium, with a dark gray dial with a gray alligator strap or rubber. After the style of the strap, this series has become more diversified.
As Vacheron Constantin’s only sports and technical watch series, the Overseas Vertical and Horizontal Series took an important new step in 2011 and created a perpetual calendar chronograph watch. This is the first time that Vacheron Constantin has launched a watch combining the two important complex functions of ‘Perpetual Calendar’ and ‘Timekeeping’ in the Overseas Watch Series. These two functions are also the most popular among those who love high-quality mechanical watches. Favor.

Certina Himalayan Automatic Watch Classic Sports Style Introduction

For half a century, the acronym ‘DS’ of the ‘Double Insurance’ system developed by the Swiss watch manufacturer has become a trusted symbol of Certina watches. Today, the new generation of the Himalayan series has the same rigorous quality characteristics as the first DS watch, which appeared in 1960. Zoran’s distinguished classic sports style, faintly dazzling & ldquo; callback style & rdquo; inspiration and simple, stylish design make this new automatic watch shine. Its unique style performance will make it difficult for all connoisseurs of precision watches to resist its temptation.

Model: C006.407.11.031.00, automatic movement ETA 2824-2
Certina Himalayan automatic watch while maintaining the unique DS style, the classic sports model of this watch tends to reveal a certain “ldquo; callback style” tradition, with clear, simple lines and skilled curves into New Era.

Model: C006.407.11.051.00, automatic movement ETA 2824-2
Surrounded and set off by beautiful and rough sapphire crystal glass, the slender, elegant bezel, polished and calendered areas that complement each other reveal the masculine style of the case. The finely-crafted crosses converging at the center of the pivot set off the deep and concise artistic beauty of the dial surface. The rim around the hour, minute and faceted intarsia clearly displays the minute and second scales.

Model: C006.407.16.051.00, automatic movement ETA 2894-2
The round sapphire crystal glass and its anti-reflection coating give the Himalayan automatic watch its original and stylish unique appearance, while the crown decorated with the early Certina casting logo gives a touch of nostalgia. The Himalayan series has a matching bracelet / strap, which can be selected from a sporty stainless steel bracelet or an elegant leather strap. The entire series includes five models.

Casio And Girls’ Generation Shoot Summer Campaign Watches

As a Casio spokesperson, every time Casio releases a new product, all members of Girls’ Generation must be invited to shoot a commercial. Indeed, Casio has recently released a new watch, which can be said to be specially created for this summer. Each of the 9 Girls’ Generation members wore a Casio watch that suits their style, showing 9 different styles. If it’s you, which one will you choose to decorate this summer’s look and add points to the new look of summer?

Girls’ Generation Interprets Casio Watches

 Lin Yun’er wore a black top and white leggings. She was smart and casual. She wore a black Casio watch in her hand, which was fashionable and fashionable. However, the black watch was thinner, making her wrists look slimmer and sexy.

Girls’ Generation: Casio Watch Jessica

 Jessica wore vintage blue shorts, revealing sexy vest lines, paired with washed worn skinny jeans, wearing a dark and retro Casio watch, showing harmony and beauty.

Girls’ Generation: Casio Watch Sunny

 Sunny wears dark shorts, and white Casio watches can brighten the shape, adding more vitality and youth to the overall shape.

Girls’ Generation: Casio Watches Tiffany

Tiffany’s white dress, mix and match with white watches, sweet and lively.

Girls’ Generation: Casio Watch Taeyeon

 Taeyeon striped short top, sexy and charming, with tassel denim hot pants, very cool, wearing a white Casio watch, adding points to the shape.

Girls’ Generation: Casio Watch Yuri

Yuri wears a gradient gray shirt and black leggings, and wears a metallic watch, which is very fashionable.

Girls’ Generation Interprets Casio Watch Xiao Yuan

 Xiaoyuan’s white loose vest and frayed jeans mix and match, handsome and uninhibited, while the blue Casio watch not only enhances the neutral feeling, but also creates a comfortable and cool feeling with white, which is most suitable for summer wear.

Girls’ Generation Interprets Casio Watch Xiuying

Xiuying wore a white vest and ink T-shirt, white frayed trousers, and a white Casio watch.

Girls’ Generation Interprets Casio Watch Xu Xian

 Xu Xian wore a white cut-out dress with a white watch, which was very goddess-like. For a ladylike look, Xu Xian’s style was impeccable.

F.P. Journe Pure Gold Perfect Use ‘core’

Since FP JOURNE created his own timepiece, he has dreamed of using pure gold as the main material of the watch. This dream came true in 2004 (FP JOURNE then decided to manufacture the movement with 18K rose gold) To this day, FP JOURNE is still the only watch brand that uses 18K rose gold to create its movement. Now FP JOURNE uses 18K gold to cast the dial. The gold dial is embossed to make the hour number, and the latter is polished to shine, so that the hour number and the dial are integrated into one. The heart of the watch, before understanding the structure and aesthetics of mechanical parts, first witness the ingenuity of FP JOURNE’s work through the iconic dial design.

Chronomètre Souverain’s movement is crafted in 18K rose gold

The manufacturing process of this dial is very complicated. First, prepare the dial, finely polish it, coat it with a unique silver surface, polish the hour number with a diamond polishing tool, and finally print the remaining time scales. And FP JOURNE logo. However, even at the last step, the craftsmen can’t relax, because they must print five layers of time scales and the F.P. JOURNE logo continuously in order to achieve a perfect, slightly raised, three-dimensional visual effect.

Octa Automatique Lune uses pure gold as the main material of the watch. The three-dimensional visual effect is amazing.

New gold dials have been applied to Chronomètre Souverain, Octa Automatique Réserve and Octa Automatique Lune. These watches are adorned with F.P. JOURNE drop-shaped hands, and the new products are now available in ten F.P. JOURNE stores worldwide.

Bvlgari Bulgari Hotel Will Settle In Dubai

Recently, BVLGARI Bulgari Group signed a contract with Dubai real estate developer Meraas Holdings to bring the world-renowned BVLGARI Bulgari luxury hotel brand to Dubai. BVLGARI Bvlgari Dubai will be the fifth BVLGARI Bvlgari hotel in the world after 2004 Milan, 2006 Bali, London 2012 and Shanghai Hotel which is expected to open in 2015. The signing ceremony was held in the BVLGARI Bulgari flagship store, which was opened in the 1930s and recently reopened. Mr. Christopher Barbon, President of the BVLGARI Bulgari Group, and Abdullah Ali, President of Meraas Holdings. Habah attended the ceremony.

   The BVLGARI Bulgari Hotel will be located on Jumeirah Bay Island in Dubai, covering a total area of ​​approximately 560,000 square meters. It will stand proudly on the coastline near Jumeirah Beach Boulevard in the shape of a giant seahorse. The hotel will also launch low-rise residential villas and marinas. Surrounded by elaborate lush gardens, this luxurious complex will cover approximately 160,000 square meters of sea. The main building of BVLGARI Bulgari Hotel will include 100 luxurious rooms and suites, and 20 hotel villas and a full range of luxury hotel facilities will also be launched.

   BVLGARI Bulgari Dubai Hotel is carefully designed by the famous Italian construction company Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners. The BVLGARI Bvlgari Hotel will use a combination of innovation and traditional architectural styles to show a blend of classic and modern style, and harmoniously echo the design style of the surrounding area. Mr. Christopher Barbon, President of BVLGARI Bulgari Group, said: ‘We are very pleased with this extraordinary project. It will reflect BVLGARI’s core value of modern design, exquisite craftsmanship and artistic details. .BVLGARI Bulgari Dubai Hotel is an important step in our long-term plan to strengthen our market position in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf) region. Cooperation with the real estate leader Meraas Holdings is our pleasure and we look forward to this show BVLGARI’s brand debut in Dubai. ‘

   Regarding this exciting project, His Excellency Haba, President of Meraas Holdings, said, ‘Following the instructions of His Excellency Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and the Chief Executive of Dubai, on tourism, Our cooperation with BVLGARI Bulgari Group marks a new milestone for Meraas in leading the development of tourism and hotel industry in Dubai. We are confident that the newly built BVLGARI Bulgari Hotel will become another charming scenery on Dubai’s iconic coastline. With this major cooperation, we will expand the development of the hotel service industry, a move that is very much in line with Dubai’s vision for the 2020 tourism industry. ‘
About BVLGARI Hotels and Resorts
   In a beautiful location in harmony with the surrounding environment, Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners architectural company is full of contemporary design creativity and top-level service, which is the common feature of every case of BVLGARI Bulgari Hotels and Resorts. From the search for rare and precious building materials to the unique hotel facilities and personalized services for each customer, from the delicious treasures of the BVLGARI Bulgari restaurant to the exclusive service of the BVLGARI Bulgari Spa, every one of the BVLGARI Bulgari hotels The details are the best interpretation of luxury lifestyle.
About Meraas Holdings
   Meraas Holdings is a Dubai-based property development company that holds projects and assets in the United Arab Emirates and overseas. The company successfully established itself as an innovator in the real estate industry in the UAE and fulfilled its mission to strengthen Dubai’s global position. With a refreshing conceptual architectural portfolio, Meraas is committed to redefining industries across multiple sectors. Meraas also carefully builds partnerships with strategic partners. These important relationships have made Meraas’ works increasingly valuable. Meraas has projects in the tourism, retail, leisure and entertainment industries.

Seiko Launches Lukia Autumn And Winter Series, Blowing Up Confident Ol Wind

Bright and dazzling like the spokesperson Miho Takino, she is confident and charming all the time. The 2009 LUKIA autumn and winter series launched a limited edition and an environmentally-friendly solar watch at the same time, revealing its own characteristics, innovative ultra-thin 6.2mm case design, and at the same time not forgetting to express LUKIA’s care for the earth and contribute to the environmental protection brand concept.

 2009 LUKIA’s new autumn and winter environmental protection solar watch uses the ultra-thin 6.2mm case newly developed by SEIKO, which greatly surpasses other watches on the market, and improves the turbid color unique to previous solar panels, with soft white or bright red face, It presents a slightly sweet style with classic and neat shapes, allowing the new generation of OL to match the clothing of different occasions as they wish, showing the best personal style of the new generation of OL who is not blindly obedient, but also shining and restrained. Environmentally-friendly solar watches can be recharged under sunlight and daily light. It is very convenient to replace the battery, so that the new generation of OLs can show their own fashion and never forget to love the earth to be environmentally friendly. The ergonomic strap design is suitable for the wrist. Let the new generation OL enjoy a high degree of comfortable wearing even if worn for a long time.

 LUKIA, who is good at bringing fashion trends into watch design, the new 2009 autumn and winter series continues the popular trend of this year’s rose gold. The elegant color matching of rose gold is more eye-catching and the low-key blooming in the autumn and winter colors mainly based on dark tones. Gorgeous breath that cannot be ignored. The watch is paired with LUKIA’s classic round and rectangular surfaces. It is small and detailed, and the Roman numerals with radial shading on the dial extend the overall design of the watch, improving the recognition of time, combining fashion trends and immortal classics, creating a new generation of OL exclusive. Glamour taste and exquisite texture, whether it is work or leisure, can bloom vitality and charming style, becoming a representative of the new generation of fashion OL that attracts attention and influence.

Christie’s 2013 Jewellery Watch Autumn Sale Press Conference Xiong Dailin Appears

It is reported that Christie’s Hong Kong held a press conference for the 2013 [Magnificent Jewelry and Jade Jewellery] and [Precious Watches] Autumn Auctions at the James Auction Hall of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on November 20. At the press conference, the selected lots were presented in three groups, including three pieces of Burmese natural ruby ​​jewelry and ‘opera’ antique pocket watches made for the Chinese market. A selection of jewellery and timepieces are also on display.

 The famous Hong Kong artist Xiong Dailin also appeared as a special guest at the event, talking with Christie’s experts about the experience of matching jewellery and watches, and exhibiting many lots.
 Christie’s Hong Kong’s 2013 [Magnificent Jewellery and Jade Jewellery] Autumn Auction will be held on November 26, at which time more than 300 lots will be presented, with a total valuation of HK $ 720 million / US $ 90 million. At the same time, the ‘Exquisite Watch’ auction will be held on November 27, with a total of more than 550 lots, with a total valuation of more than 140 million Hong Kong dollars / 16 million US dollars. The lot includes a series of high-end watches with excellent looks. In addition to the best three-question, perpetual calendar, tourbillon and chase chronograph watches from the hall-level brands, there are also innovative works by well-known independent watchmakers. Highlights of the auction included a number of exquisite pocket watches with tourbillons and moving puppet devices, as well as gorgeous jewelry watches.

Patek Philippe Lot 2493
Patek Philippe takes the lead again
 The well-known Patek Philippe continues to be the focus of watch auctions. There are five eye-catching works this season, including fine and rare stainless steel watches with perpetual calendar, chronograph, moon phases, 24-hour and leap year displays, model 5004 (Lot Number 2493, Estimate: HK $ 2,400,000-4,000,000 / US $ 300,000-500,000). Because only Patek Philippe made stainless steel watches with complex calendar functions before the 1980s, stainless steel antique watches with chronograph function or perpetual calendar are one of the rarest watches in existence. This model 5004 was produced in about 2012 and is in good condition and eye-catching, demonstrating the classic design of the brand with modern craftsmanship. This watch was first introduced to the auction market and was auctioned for the first time by Christie’s.
 In addition, the auction focus also includes auctions commissioned by important private collectors. Four Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronographs with unique dials (see, Lot Nos. 2657, 2660, 2663, and 2666 are auctioned separately, with a minimum valuation ranging from 960,000 to 1,280,000HKD / 120,000 to 160,000 USD). All four watches are exclusive versions of the classic 3970 watch and are highly sought after. Each watch is equipped with a unique dial, which perfectly combines the dial design with the complex mechanical structure and the craftsmanship of the hallmark brand. According to data records, these four models with unique dials 3970 have never appeared on the market and will debut at the Christie’s Hong Kong autumn auction.
Magnificent jewellery watch
 One of the most eye-catching jewellery watches this season is also from Patek Philippe. This fine and very rare 18K gold and diamond and sapphire cushion bracelet watch, model 3625 (Lot 2383, estimated HK $ 560,000-720,000 / US $ 70,000-90,000), manufactured in 1984 and set with a total of 748 pieces Diamonds weighing 6.33 carats and 146 diamonds totaling 12.25 carats are rare and elegant. It is the only watch on the market to date that Patek Philippe collectors should not miss.

18K Gold Cushion Watch with Diamonds and Sapphire
 Two other dazzling jewellery watches are also expected. One of them, made by Piaget in 1989, is a very fine 18K white gold diamond-set pillow-chain watch, ‘High Jewellery Collection’, model 77’280, lot number 2442, estimated 620,000-800,000 HKD / 80,000-100,000. USD), set with 264 round diamonds weighing 15.99 carats and 144 baguette diamonds weighing 11.26 carats.
 Another very fine and eye-catching 18K white gold diamond asymmetric bracelet watch manufactured by Vacheron Constantin, belonging to the ‘High Jewellery Collection, Kalla1972’, model 37600 (Lot 2742, estimated 950,000-1,400,000 HKD / 120,000 -$ 180,000). Made specifically for the Ukrainian market in 2006, this watch is set with 32 baguette diamonds weighing 6.04 carats and 1047 round diamonds weighing 15.23 carats.
Technology introduces new modern watches
 The leader of the modern watch category is the very fine and rare platinum barrel-shaped skeleton watch manufactured by Richard Mille circa 2006, with tourbillon, model RM012 Ag Pt, limited production, no. 19/30 (Lot 2543, Estimate: HK $ 2,400,000-4,000,000 / US $ 300,000-500,000). This watch’s barrel-shaped movement embodies epoch-making superb technology. It is the first watch in the history of watches and clocks to use an extremely complex barrel-shaped structure. It is highly resistant to corrosion and independent of temperature changes. The pinnacle of watch craftsmanship was the 2007 Geneva Watch Grand Bounty Pointer Award winner.

Girard Perregaux
 Another outstanding tourbillon watch is a fine, oversized and very rare 18K white gold watch manufactured by Girard Perregaux in 2012, with a dual-axis tourbillon, limited production, ‘Bi-Axial Tourbillon’, number 3/33, The model number is 99810 (Lot No. 2539, Estimate: HK $ 960,000-1,400,000 / US $ 120,000-180,000). This watch is based on the tourbillon pocket watch of the 1860s. The well-known ‘Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon’ has been carefully modified to become a two-axis tourbillon, making the planar structure more precise. This watch is the third of 33 limited edition watches, combining the exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship, innovative ideas and superior technology that Girard-Perregaux pursues.
 In addition, this auction also introduces a highly collectible watch manufactured by Christophe Claret circa 2013. It is a very unique, fine and very rare 18K white gold and titanium skeleton watch, with a tilt floating tourbillon, inverse Hour and minute return sphere display, limited production, ‘X-Trem-1 Model’, No. 1/8 (Lot No. 2482, Estimate: HK $ 640,000-960,000 / US $ 80,000-120,000). The lot is unique and novel, highlighting the brand’s outstanding mechanical design. This watch is the first of eight limited edition watches. The floating tourbillon tilts 30 degrees, breaking the limits of modern watchmaking technology. There are small sapphire tubes on the sides of the case, and the maglev retrosphere inside the tube will show the time. .
 Selected items of modern watches also include fine, large size and very rare 18k white gold skeleton watches, wired power reserve, ‘Opus X’, limited production, lot 99/100 (lot 2880, estimate: 640,000- 900,000 HKD / 80,000-120,000 USD). Opus Series was launched in 2001 by Harry Winston and well-known independent watchmakers. Each watch combines top watchmaking craftsmanship with the cooperation and innovation of all parties. The 99th of the 100 limited edition watches, co-designed by clock engineer Jean-Francois Mojon around 2012, the design is inspired by the movement of the planet. This lot replaces the traditional fixed dial and hands with a rotating pointer system on a rotating frame, which reflects advanced watchmaking technology and displays time in an innovative and unique way.
Antique clocks and watches made for the Chinese market
 Europe’s top watchmakers began to produce luxurious and innovative timepieces and boutiques in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to meet the thirst of European royals and Chinese courts and officials for clocks and dolls.
 A selection of antique clocks and watches includes a very rare and very important musical pocket watch made for the Chinese market circa 1800. It is made of 18k gold and enamel, set with pearls, and has four moving figures (Lot No. 2787, Estimate: 3,700,000-5,200,000 Hong Kong dollars / 470,000-650,000 US dollars), reflects the 19th century Switzerland’s top action figure technology and superb watchmaking technology, is an extremely precious antique pocket watch. Living puppets are small devices that mimic biological or human actions. The opera doll design of the ‘Opera House’ is probably one of the rarest mechanical event functional designs in the world. It is believed that there are only eight pocket watches of the same type in the world. This pocket watch is considered to be produced by DuBois et Fils, a Swiss watchmaker who produces many precious active doll pocket watches.
 In addition, another antique clock made for the Chinese market comes from Vacheron Constantin. It is a very rare and important lapis lazuli and jade clock made in 1926. It is in the style of Art Deco, Chinese black lacquered gold, with 8 days power and silk enamel. Dial (Lot No. 2725, Estimate: 800,000-1,200,000 HKD / 100,000-150,000 USD). Another antique jewellery, made by luxury watchmaker Verger Freres in 1927, is a magnificent platinum-encrusted emerald and diamond necklace and watch (Lot No. 2741, Estimate: HK $ 1,100,000-2,000,000 / US $ 140,000-250,000), sold by Paris Osterag .

Extraordinary Excellence, Refined Elegance, Tasting Jaeger-lecoultre Reverso Tribute Duoface

In 1931, under the needs of customers, Jaeger-LeCoultre, a Swiss haute horlogerie brand, designed a watch that could protect the front of the watch in polo sports. This watch has a clever flip design that flips the back of the watch during exercise, minimizing the damage caused to the watch by fierce collision during polo. If you want to see the time, flip it again, and the time appears again. Coinciding with the fact that decorative art was popular in Europe at that time, because there was enough space on the back for artistic creation, this watch was quickly praised by everyone and became one of the most influential designs in the history of watches and clocks. In 2017, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute Duoface double-sided flip watch at the highly anticipated Geneva watchmaking salon based on this first flip watch, recreating the classic decorative art design with clean lines. Features. Let’s take a look together: (watch model: 3902420)

Duo dual time zone design concept

   As a supplement to the Reverso Tribute, the new product can be turned on both sides, showing two kinds of time. Its design is similar to last year’s 85th anniversary edition of Reverso. At the same time, the functions are simplified, and the pure and basic time display function is aimed at watch enthusiasts. This watch also uses the Duo dual time zone design concept. The front and back dials are carefully designed and decorated by the brand, which can display the time in both places at the same time.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute Duoface

    A luxurious 18K rose gold square case with a diameter of 42.9 X 25.5 mm and a thickness of 9.2 mm. One side of the crown is the 18K rose gold crown, which is engraved with the Jaeger-LeCoultre logo, and is surrounded by a non-slip texture design. The operation feels good and the debugging is quick and easy.

   The white dial on the front is decorated with silver-plated grain patterns, and the crown prince-like hands and pencil-shaped hour markers contrast with each other. The time indication is clear and intuitive, and there is a chic small second hand at 6 o’clock.

   The dark grey dial on the back shows the local time, with an opal dial and track-shaped minute scale in the center, and the outer edge is decorated with the Clous de Paris ornamentation, showing a sense of hierarchy and a unique visual appeal enjoy. The delicate and delicate display from 24 hours to day and night, with rounded lines, fully reflects the unique personality of the watch.

   The unique feature of the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch is the two dials displayed at different times, using the same movement. Just like this watch, it is equipped with a manual winding movement to ensure the accurate movement of the positive and negative double discs, but it does not take up much space.

   The dark brown checked leather strap with 18K rose gold folding buckle engraved with the Jaeger-LeCoultre logo is lightweight and easy to operate, making the watch very convenient to wear and remove.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute Duoface

Summary: Reverso is a very ingenious series of square watches. You can change another style with only one turn. It can be used to attend different occasions and better cater to the changing preferences of the wearer. It is a more cost-effective model. one. This is the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute Duoface reversible watch, this is the case. If you like it, you may wish to enter the brand store to learn more about it.