Innovation The First Driving Force Of The Watch Industry

At the annual Basel show, the innovative products of major brands are always amazing. Similarly, at this year’s Basel event, many more innovative products came out. Innovation is the primary driving force for the watch industry.
 With the rapid development of watchmaking technology today, with the help of new technology, novel and peculiar innovative functions and innovative structures have emerged endlessly, and have received high attention from the industry and the media. However, behind these ‘revolutionary’ creations, some Changes in the field of basic parts are easily missed.
 For example, Tissot recently launched an 80-hour long-powered movement. From the perspective of the industry environment, a movement that can go for 80 hours does not seem to be worthy of a big book. 7-day power, 14-day power, and even 31-day long-power movements are not a few. 80 hours is enough. Hanging teeth? But if I say this is an improved movement based on ETA2824, how would you feel? The power of the original ETA2824 is 42 hours. Without changing the original size and the layout of the wheel train, the power is doubled. Isn’t this a pioneering initiative? From 40 to 80, instead of changing one place, you can succeed by changing one part. This movement has made a series of adjustments in power, transmission and escapement. Specifically, under the condition that the size of the barrel is unchanged, the thickness of the mainspring is thinned and the mainspring toughness is increased to increase the mainspring length; the number of gear teeth of the transmission gear is increased, the transmission ratio is improved, and the transmission efficiency is improved; a silicon escapement is used Replace traditional gem forks to reduce friction; use weight balance wheel instead of fine adjustment screws to ensure accuracy. Through this series of means, the power of the watch has been doubled. Obviously, there are no inventions and innovations, and there is no advanced technology. This is called system optimization and structure optimization. The driving force is not the inventions and changes, but the optimizations and the ‘crowding’. This design concept is also my most valued and respected. There is nothing extraordinary about taking out a single part, and the effect is doubled when combined together. This is not only system integration, but also innovation.
Tissot Haoji Series Watches
Tissot mechanical power 80 movement with 80 hours of power
 There is no absolute standard for innovation. What suits you is the best. This year, Kunlun launched the self-winding Ti-Bridge watch. We know that the original Golden Bridge watch did not have a self-winding function because it was a linear movement, and the traditional automatic top could not be installed on a linear movement. Later, Kunlun developed a slider automatic winding device for Jinqiao watches, which solved the problem of automatic winding. It is available on Ti-Bridge titanium bridge watches. Because the linear movement changes from vertical to horizontal, due to the gravity of the earth, the slider cannot slide freely and cannot play the function of automatic winding. Back to the old way of winding manually. Looking at the back of this year’s self-winding Ti-Bridge watch really surprised me. An unprecedented self-winding device comes into view. Two circular automatic discs are arranged side by side, and a connecting rod connects the two automatic discs together, looking like the wheels of a steam locomotive. When the wearer’s arm shakes, the two automatic dials run synchronously and can be wound in both directions, so that the Ti-Bridge watch also has an automatic winding function. In this way, whether it is a vertical gold bridge or a horizontal titanium bridge, it has a full range of manual and automatic styles. The unique winding mechanism of Kunlun is not of great significance to the industry, and it will not become a big one. News, but it successfully ended its own problems. Although this invention did not attract much attention, who can deny its value?
Kunlun Ti-Bridge Automatic Dual Winder
Uses unique dual auto dial and two-way winding mechanism
 Some innovations have attracted worldwide attention and are obvious, while others are unknown and easily overlooked. In this era of rapid changes in ideas and technology, these innovations will become the driving force of industry progress. Innovation, regardless of size, is indispensable driving force, visible and invisible.
 At this year’s Baselworld, Girard Perregaux’s constant-power escapement watch became the focus of attention. The unique escapement mechanism of this watch has been amazing for 5 years from its conception to its successful development. Our magazine paid attention to the escapement several years ago. From the perspective of industry technology, it is a watch that uses a constant power device in the escapement in the true sense. In the past, the constant power device was mostly used in the transmission gear of the watch, and did not involve the escapement speed regulation mechanism. This Girard Perregaux constant power escapement watch incorporates a slender wave spring in the escapement mechanism. The energy released by the hairspring is stored again, and is divided into small sections and small sections, which are released to two escapement wheels to form a constant force escapement, which makes the watch’s torque line stable and the power output stable, which is another major innovation in the industry in recent years.
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Bao Bao Shows French Charm In Xi’an, China

Following the successful exploration of French-style living and art activities in Tianjin last November, Baodi once again brought French romance to the ancient city of Xi’an. VIP guests at the carefully selected and arranged event site, personally experience the etiquette and tradition of the high society of France from the 18th century to the present.

   Breguet watches, lauded by King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette, have always been regarded as the expression of the supreme ideals of mankind: innovation, beauty and fairness.

   In the archives of Breguet, every timepiece sold since 1787 is recorded, which further confirms Breguet’s weightless position in the fine watchmaking world and its deep roots in European culture and history.

It Is The Top Tire Specification Roger Dubuis Rocali Dubuis Excalibur Spider Pirelli Dual Flying Tourbillon

Roger Dubuis accelerated in 2018, launching a series of ultra-precision new timepieces, showing the passion of the watchmaker and racing industry leader PIRELLI tires and LAMBORGHINI Squadra Corse . The cooperation between ROGER DUBUIS and LAMBORGHINI Squadra Corse started in 2017, under the banner of ‘strong power’ and ‘excellent precision’, creating a new movement emulating the design of the Aventador S super-running engine; The collaboration between the brand and Pirelli started the creation of a series of Excalibur King Timepieces, drawing inspiration from Pirelli’s top tires for high-end racing cars.

Roger Dubuy takes advantage of the Run to Monaco Rally held on May 22-27, 2018 to launch the latest limited edition collaboration between the brand and Pirelli, Excalibur Spider Pirelli Double Flying Tourbillon

Adhering to the common philosophy of creating unique customer experiences, these superb timepieces are always changing the stage, laying the foundation for this philosophy. In this context of cooperation, Roger Dubuis takes ‘customer experience’ as the trump card, and has fully used its ‘disruptive’ brand road. In the 2018 ‘Run to Monaco’ ultra-running rally, he once again demonstrated ‘the excellence of being an engineer.’ The extraordinary spark inspired by the vision and the extraordinary creativity of the watchmaker. ‘
Throughout the beautiful scenery, shocking competition, surging passion and absolute luxury, Run to Monaco Rally is undoubtedly one of the most important and extraordinary experiences in life. This world-renowned grand motorsport event will reach its climax in the iconic city of Monaco, and the shocking experience always complements the extraordinary timepieces. Naturally, Roger Dubuis on May 22-27, 2018 Re-enter this superb racing adventure. The satisfaction of those connoisseurs who have a high taste for the delicate things in life in the Run to Monaco Rally is just like the unique experience that Roger Dubbie watches bring them. And those who have been paying attention to the adventures of the brand’s racing cars will know: If a large part of the super-fast machinery in this exclusive race originated from Lamborghini, this result is no accident. This extraordinary journey prepared for supercar owners around the world not only provides passionate galloping through carefully planned racing lines, but also provides a luxurious and world-class experience through carefully designed original scenes. Most of the participants each year are not the first time to attend the meeting. However, in a course set according to the magnificent scenery along the way, they are still repeatedly shocked by endless surprises and unforgettable moments, not to mention that this journey has achieved every boy’s Dream-they always yearn to run freely and at full speed.

The connection of the double tourbillon through the differential can ensure that the watch has a uniform and evenly moving time, and the precision of the time is improved to a higher level.

In order to accompany the players to experience the classic Run to Monaco rally, Roger Dubuy timely launched 8 limited edition Excalibur Spider Pirelli Double Flying Tourbillon red watches with bright colors. The straps are set and then passed by Pirelli. Certified tire rubber-These tires are the retired warriors who have actually won in official races; the color characteristics of the watch echo the color of the winning tire. The extremely enjoyable and unrestrained Run to Monaco Rally finally reached its peak on a gorgeous superyacht. This yacht anchored at the center of the entire event will lead people to experience the wonderful Monaco Grand Prix— —Like the shining gem on the laurel of a racing car; those competitive racing players will fully release themselves in it.

The PIRELLI logo is printed on the bottom cover, and the Geneva mark can also be seen on the movement plate, which proves that the quality of the watch is extraordinary.

On Saturday, May 27th, Roger Dubuis will be accompanied by a group of invited VIPs to bring another climax to a passionate week. This celebrates the glorious victory of the winning sports car. Through this unique adventure that combines extreme luxury and peak passion, Roger Dubuis once again proves that the brand is clearly in a group of outstanding elites who drive and wear the same extraordinary mechanical works. Its watchmaker.

Excalibur Spider Pirelli Double Flying Tourbillon

DLC titanium material / RD105SQ manual winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / dual tourbillon device / Geneva mark / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 50 meters / 47mm diameter / limited 8 / reference price : 2,112,000 RMB

Rolex Explorer Ii Watch, A Tribute To The Classic

The Rolex Explorer II watch, which came out in 1971, is one of the best-selling watches in the Rolex family. On the twentieth and fortieth anniversary, Rolex launched the latest model of this classic watch at Baselworld 2011. Like Rolex’s style, the new version has relatively few changes from the old model: the diameter of the watch has increased slightly from the original 40mm to 42mm, and the hour and minute hands are also thicker, making the watch more powerful. Of course, the most significant change is that the GMT hands adopt the color and shape of the 1971 model, representing its 40-year history. In addition, the watch’s EXPLOER II at 12 o’clock also uses the same orange color as the hands.

Like the old models, the new watch will still be available in black or white dials.

Rolex / Explorer / Explorer II
No. 216570
Strap: Steel
Case: Steel
Waterproof: 100m
Size: 42mm
Movement: 3187 automatic winding
Size: 28.5mm / 6.45mm
Vibration frequency: 28800vph / 4Hz
Kinetic energy: 48 hours
Function: hour, minute, second display / calendar / GMT

Boucheron’s New Hibiscus Tourbillon Watch

In the invention of the 20th century, the flying tourbillon is one of the most complicated and prestigious watch complications. The frame of this mechanism can rotate itself, as if by magic, only a few The master of watchmaking masters its extraordinary precision.

The Hibiscus tourbillon watch has a white gold case, hummingbirds and hibiscus flowers covered with diamonds, sapphires and pink gems, a white mother-of-pearl dial with hand-carved curly branches and leaves, and a blue karung strap that looks like the spring scenery on your wrist. It is equipped with a manual mechanical movement and a Swiss escapement flying tourbillon.

The Hibiscus tourbillon watch is different from the thickness of the general tourbillon watch. The special tourbillon inlaid blade holder brings light texture to the movement; the colorful hummingbird flicks its wings and stays in front of the flowers to draw nectar. The humming belongs to Spring songs. The two diamond-encrusted leaves in the center of the frame are beating with each second, echoing the fluttering hummingbird, explaining the poetic love between the two.
The tourbillon window beautifully reveals the ultimate craftsmanship of the flying tourbillon. The corresponding hour and minute hands indicate that it is located at 1 o’clock on the surface.

Golden Crown Green Font Visit 2016 Baselworld Rolex Pavilion

Every year at BaselWorld, there are two brands that have always been the focus of every watch friend, one is Rolex, the other is Patek Philippe, and even more attention is paid to Rolex. At Patek Philippe. This year’s Rolex pavilion, the golden crown and green type ‘ROLEX’ seem to be more eye-catching, perhaps psychological. This iconic combination is used in Rolex watches, so it looks more special.

    The Rolex Pavilion, which is still very tall, is decorated with the iconic water ripple wall, with green as the main color.

    Outside the exhibition area, you can admire Rolex’s brand culture exhibition.

    The show has not yet started, and the brand service staff has been waiting for it.

    Entering the brand service area from the outside, you can feel the brand’s thoughtful service.

Summary: This year’s Rolex new products have been announced before. I believe that many watch friends are impressed by one of them. This watch uses the golden crown and green Rolex font as the logo. It also seems impressive. For more news about Baselworld 2016, please lock the watch home Baselworld :.

Bvlgari Diva Series Mystery And Sensibility Of Queen Nile

Charismatic and feminine: This is the character of the Diva watch series. Crafted in platinum and rose gold, with a swaying geometric pattern, the design is inspired by Elizabeth Taylor’s make-up in the movie ‘Cleopatra’: thick black eyeliner extends all the way to the tail eyebrow, and a triangle is drawn at the lower end , Outline a pair of unforgettable purple eyes. This eye makeup is inspired by the eyes of Horus (a symbol of wealth and health), the patron saint of ancient Egyptian mythology. Elizabeth Taylor’s mysterious and emotional interpretation of the Queen of the Nile has been magical, and only such eye makeup can set off the superstar beauty of this superstar. The pattern of this eye makeup is reminiscent of the shape of a fan. Fans are well-known accessories used to drive heat and have become very popular in ancient civilizations. Chinese fans can be traced back to the second century BC, and giant fans were also used in the feast of the Egyptian Royal Palace; in the fifth century BC, fans were daily items for the Greeks and Romans; after 1,500 years, they spread to Europe and became Artwork and noble boutique. Fans are a natural gift for women, and soon become women’s flirting tools. Through the various actions of the fan, they express different emotional meanings-invitations, admiration, desire to welcome and reject

 BVLGARI Diva Watch (Rose Gold)

 BVLGARI Diva Watch (White Gold)

 This series uses the contrast between the form of reality and the other to interpret the sentimental mood of the fan with a detailed three-dimensional cup-shaped flower. Blooming beautiful petals embellish the ornate watch, interspersed with sparkling diamonds. The white gold model is fully paved with diamonds, and the delicate fan forms an elegant flower string, with a hint of oriental charm, giving an elegant shiny effect. In addition, the design of other styles in this series also has surprising changes: cheerful colors of beaded amethyst, peridot or red tourmaline, supporting small diamonds set in between. Since the late 1950s, BVLGARI has been known for its use of convex cuts. In this design, the colored gemstone form is full of fascination, giving the jewelry works a unique sense of abundance and modern flavor. Each gem has a groove cut in the center to set the diamond. This process may seem simple, but in fact it requires superb skills to keep the gems perfect. The small fans are arranged in a row, there are large and small, or upside down, or colorful waterfalls pouring down, the endless geometric structure is like a series of hypnotic notes, which is dizzying.

 The biggest common feature of all the works in this series is easy to wear and easy to match; this is also the typical characteristic of BVLGARI jewelry watches. The design of this series achieves the perfect balance between geometry and circle. With the movement of the body, the models naturally exude a graceful style, which is elegant and relaxed. Under the exquisite craftsmanship, the various parts of the jewelry are cleverly combined, exuding charm in a flowing way between hands and feet.

Jacques Geneva Stores Provide Customers With The Opportunity To Identify Watches

The exquisite craftsmanship and professional skills of the Swiss watch brand Jaeger-LeCoultre are revealed in every Swiss watch of the brand. Watchmakers, craftsmen, engineers and technicians come together under the same roof in the heart of the Ru Valley, with a common vision of excellence, to create unique masterpieces of timepieces.

   On November 18th, from 10 am to 5 pm, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Geneva store located at 2 Rhone Street will be honored to hold an appraisal day to provide customers and brand friends with the opportunity to appraise watches.

   An expert from Christie’s will be present to appraise the guests’Jaeger-LeCoultre watches and record the necessary data for the establishment of a brand history archive.

2013 Basel Watch Exhibition Movado Booth Show

[Watch House Basel Special Report] The Basel Watch Fair has begun. Watch House will bring you the latest watch information and pictures from the exhibition site. The brand’s high-definition beautiful pictures are presented first, and let’s feel the atmosphere of the scene together.
   Movado, founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in 1881, is one of the world’s famous watchmakers and is known worldwide for its iconic museum dials and modern design aesthetics. Movado has always been committed to superb Swiss watchmaking technology and extraordinary design. ‘Perpetual motion’ is the driving force behind Movado’s continuous creation of high-quality unique watches. At this year’s exhibition in Basel, Movado’s booth design was simple and full of lines. The window of the watch display was a geometric frame, as if entering the avant-garde art gallery.

   Follow-up reports of the Watch House Basel Watch Fair will be continuously updated in the 2013 Basel International Jewellery and Watch Fair feature, please follow closely.
Watch home 2013 Basel international watch exhibition special website:

Chopin Launches 950 Platinum L.U.C Lunar One Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase Limited Watch

L.U.C Lunar One was first introduced in 2005, and it has become the icon of Chopard’s fine watchmaking series for many years. Lunar One occupies a special position in the L.U.C series, which prompted Chopard to launch a special version for it: the case is entirely made of 950 platinum, limited to 100 pieces. 950 platinum is a very noble and long-lasting stable metal, showing a deep neutral gray. The case diameter is 43 mm, the sides are treated with vertical satin, and the bezel and lugs are polished to create a pleasing texture effect, which further enhances its visual depth and appeal.

   The multi-modified case perfectly matches the multi-layered dial. The dial is royal blue, which is in line with the trend. The solar radiation pattern radiates around the ‘L.U.Chopard’ logo below 12 o’clock. The ‘L.U.Chopard’ logo is decorated with white and stands out from the dial, naturally attracting attention. The perpetual calendar display is surrounded by chamfered borders to ensure perfect legibility. The large Roman numeral time stamp font is unique and has been mirror-polished. The moon phase display is set at 6 o’clock, and the dark blue sky dots the stars of the northern hemisphere night sky, and decorates the changing moon phases.

   The Calibre 96.13-L movement is the crown jewel of the Chopard Manufacture, and its perpetual calendar function always indicates the exact date, regardless of the length of a month, and even the February special case is taken into account. Its unique feature is the moon phase display, which is not just a disk rotating below the dial, but a complex set of parts that can show the true appearance of the moon. The orbital moon phase display (the moon phase rotates around the axis of the small second hand) is extremely accurate. It is carefully adjusted by Chopard watchmaking craftsmen. Only one day of error will occur every 122 years.

   The Chopard LUC Lunar One is equipped with a Calibre 96.13-L self-winding movement, equipped with a 22K gold micro-rotor. Precision operation. The traditional L.U.C logo embellishment and exquisite embossed ornamentation represent the extremely sophisticated retouching of the Calibre 96.13-L movement. The bridges are chamfered and decorated with Geneva ripples. The movement is also equipped with a round grained main splint, mirror-polished stainless steel parts, and a gooseneck hairspring trimmer. It not only meets Chopard’s highest quality standards, but also follows Chopard’s long-established and prestigious Geneva standards.